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Kohler Touchless Toilet Sensor Not Working? Here’s a Fix

Kohler Touchless Toilet Sensor Not Working? Here’s a Fix

A touchless toilet is an excellent addition for any home as it eliminates the need to use your hands. Which is a great way to restrict contact with germs and other potential pathogens? However, every once in a while, like all other gadgets, they may fail to function as expected.

So what do you do when your Kohler touchless toilet sensor is not working? The most common causes of the problem are obstructions, which might be preventing the sensor from actuating. Another reason is installing bars or cabinets to close to the sensor, which may lead to sporadic flushing, especially if the cabinet doors keep opening.

Here are some other issues to look out for when the sensor doesn’t actuate the touchless flush.

Tank cover was installed a few seconds before the flush

This issue should resolve itself in 5 minutes after the module runs an automatic calibration. In the future, wait for at least 15-seconds after the last flush before you remove the tank cover.

The touchless module is too low

Raise the module one notch at a time and test the sensor after each raise until it starts working. The sensor should not be more than 2-inches above the tank lid.

If the steps above do not fix the issue, it may be time to consider getting a new module box or a new module box lid. Remove the toilet tank lid and unclip the chain link from the module box. Then open the module box and remove the battery holder.

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Press the metal tabs against the springs in the cover. If the actuator wheel rotates, the box is okay, but you need a new lid. If it does not rotate, the box is not okay, and it needs to be replaced. Get the manufacturer specified spare part for your model and hire a professional to do the replacement.