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How to use a popcorn machine

How to use a popcorn machine

Is popcorn you favorite movie night snack? If so, you probably have one of those as seen on TV popcorn-makers but are yet to use it. As you do not know how to use a popcorn machine. It is much easier than you think. Follow the steps below to make movie theatre quality popcorns.

The easiest way to do this is by using the popcorn machine guide. Depending on the type of popcorn maker you have, the method to be followed may differ. This is the blueprint for using a popcorn maker.

Switch on your popcorn maker and pour oil in the hopper. The amount depends on the amount of popcorn you intend to pop. Once the oil starts to sizzle, add a few popcorn kernels and wait for them to pop. Then add the rest of the popcorn and close the hopper lid. Close the popcorn machine doors as well, so the popped corn does not fly everywhere.

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The popcorn should start popping in two or three minutes. When popping reduces, open the hopper and tilt it to remove the popped corn. Switch off the machine and season your popcorn as you wish.

How Much Oil Do You Use In A Popcorn Machine?

This depends on the amount of popcorn you want to make. As a general rule of thumb, use a quarter cup of oil for a three-quarters cup of popcorn. Or a third cup of oil for one cup of popcorn kernels. You may reduce the amount of oil if you wish. But oil makes the popcorn taste better. It also helps to make them softer and fluffier.

Can You Use Butter Instead Of Oil In A Popcorn Machine?

Seeing as the butter has a lower smoking point, you may want to use other alternatives. Burnt butter may alter the taste of your popcorns, making them unpalatable. Not to mention that fats heated beyond their smoking point get changed, making them toxic to your body.

What Kind Of Oil Do You Use In A Popcorn Machine?

This depends on you. But it is advisable to use oils with higher smoking points, for optimal results use oils without an aftertaste such as walnut or avocado oil. You may also use canola oil as it will not alter the taste of your popcorn.

Remember to clean your popcorn machine before storing it. Also, ensure you unplug it from the electrical outlet. Do not soak it in water. Wipe it down with soapy water or a vinegar-water mix.