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How to use a tea infuser bottle

How to use a tea infuser bottle

A tea infuser bottle is a great healthy diet item to have. It enables you to increase your water intake as well as detox at the same time. Using a tea infuser teapot lets you enjoy your healthy tea without having to deal with loose leaves. Using loose-leaf herbal teas enables you to customize your teas as per your taste and preferences.

You can also spring for a tea infuser tumbler that you can use to take your herbal tea with you when you are on the go.

How To Use A Tea Infuser Bottle

Detach the infuser from the bottle and add loose leaf tea of your choice. Close the infuser with the strainer at the top. Then reinsert the infuser back into the bottle. Fill the bottle with hot water and let the tea leaves steep.

The cover the bottle and shake it if you want the tea to infuse faster. You may leave the infuser in the bottle or remove it as per your taste and preference. You can also use the bottle to infuse your drinking water with fruit flavor using fruits you love.

You can follow the same instruction when making tea in your tea infuser mug.