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How to Unlock a Sentry Safe with a Key

How to Unlock a Sentry Safe with a Key

A sentry safe is a piece of equipment kept at home to store expensive items, money, or documents. The safe is rigid and sturdy enough to stand against any penetrating impact. The lock’s rigidity defines the integrity of the safe and assures you of 100% security. Safe is fireproof and made of steel. You can pen it using a key or passcode. Below are details on how to open a sentry safe with a key.

How to Use the Key

  • Keep your sentry safe on a sturdy surface. Ensure the safe is facing you, and always be careful when handling it because it’s a little bulky.
  • Insert the key into the silver lock located under the lid at the center of the safe.
  • Turn the key to the unlock position. Lift the lid of the safe. You have access to your valuables.

Your safe has a separate key, which opens the safe if the electronic lock fails or the batteries run down. This article only informs you, but you shouldn’t try to open an authorized safe because you will be committing a crime.

Why Sentry Safe Won’t Open with Key

The key may fail to open the Sentry Safe if it turns in the wrong direction. Slip the Sentry key in the keyhole and turn it counter-clockwise as opposed to clockwise. When the Sentry key fails to turn in the keyhole, it shows that the tumblers inside the keyhole are damaged. Contact the Safe Sentry company by email or on the phone for additional help.

Why is My Sentry Safe Handle Stuck?

Try to push in the door, and while holding, press on the door, then turn the handle to allow the locks to release. There may be a document jammed between the door that keeps outward pressure on the door, thus preventing the pins’ free movement to release, so pushing the door inward should relieve this stress and allow the handle to move.

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How to Open a Sentry Safe Without the Combination

Naturally, you may forget the combination to your safe, and you may be wondering how to open it. Below are techniques you can use;

Use a Rare Earth Magnet

The magnet is robust and has a pulling force of 120-300 pounds. Be careful not to carry it to electronic equipment, household items, or people wearing pacemakers. Ensure you don’t put your fingers between the magnet and the safe to avoid injuring your fingers.

Place your Neodymium magnet on a GYM sock and attach it to the left corner of Safe and move it back to the right side. If it still doesn’t open, move the magnet around, and your safe will open.

Opening with a Paper Clip

Your first step is to make a paper clip straight. Cut the middle of the paper with the wire cutter to make two pieces. Bend one half of the paper at a 90-degree angle to resemble a tension tool and the other half at a 45-degree angle to look like a feeler pick. Insert the tension like tool paper clip at the bottom of the keyhole and rotate counterclockwise.

Later insert feeler pick paper at the keyhole’s upper side, ensuring the 45-degree bend is facing upwards. Giggle the feeler pick like a paper clip until the safe opens.

Open with a Drill or Cutting Tool

This procedure will destroy the lock, and you have to replace it afterward.

  • Ensure you drill directly into the lock instead of the safe’s body; else, you may ruin it entirely.
  • If you can, drill through the lock open and replace it later.
  • Enquire from the technician if it’s possible to replace the broken lock with a new one.

Use a Nail Cutter to Open Safe

You need to have a nail cutter with a nil file to apply this method.

  • Take your nail cutter and open the nail file up straight like you’re holding on to a key.
  • Use a small minus screwdriver and put it in like in the paper clip method.
  • The screwdriver isn’t necessary if the nail file can do the task alone. Place it inside the lock.
  • Juggle the file a little and rotate it clockwise. Keep spinning until you hear a click sound that signals the lock is open.

How to Open a Sentry Safe Without a Tubular Key

There are two ways you can use to open a sentry safe without a tubular key.

Use a Lock Pick

  • Turn the seven-pin lock pick’s tight bolt to the left to loosen. Press the pick’s front gently against a flat surface to adjust the pins.
  • Line the pickup with the lock, ensuring that the pin inside the pick is even with the lock’s notch. Twist the tightening bolt to the right to tighten it, then slide the pick into the lock.
  • Push the pick inwards while turning to the right, the pick presses against the spring, and the lock eventually opens.

Using a Ballpoint

  • Cut off the ballpoint and with scissors and remove the ink tube inside.
  • Using scissors cut four vertical notches at the pen’s back for it to be flexible.
  • Place the cut edge into the lock, shake the lock vigorously while holding the pen till it opens.

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Sentry Safe is an excellent piece of equipment to protect your firearms, money, and other valuables. It would be best if you keep your keys safe and always remember your combination. But in a situation you can’t access, you’re safe using the key; there are other means to use, as explained above.