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How to Turn Off DSC Alarm Without a Code

How to Turn Off DSC Alarm Without a Code

A beeping alarm will not only be a cause for concern to you, it may also cause your neighbors to worry about you. Not to mention the distress signal remitted to your security company. It get even more distressing if you happen to have forgotten your pass code.

Keep reading to learn how to reset your alarm without a code.

How to Reset DSC Alarm System without a Code

Follow these steps to Disable DSC alarm without code;

  • Go to the primary access panel of your alarm system.
  • Remove the alarm console’s power plug from the socket.
  • With the console access key or a tiny tool like a screw, unlock and open the main panel.
  • Disconnect one of the cables from the main battery of the system.

Procedure for resetting DSC alarm code

  • Open the access door on your keypad.
  • If your keypad is beeping, press “” to silence it.
  • Enter your master code twice, back-to-back.
  • Press and hold the Reset button for three seconds. Or, press * and 72 if your keypad doesn’t have the Reset button.

You can reset a DSC Impasse to factory defaults:

  • First unplug the AC transformer and disconnecting the battery to cut power.
  • Then connect a jumper between inputs IO1 and IO2.
  • Power up the panel, wait 10 seconds and power down.
  • Then disconnect the jumper, and power the system back on.

Note: Unable to get a response from your DSC Alarm Panel, it indicates a fault in it, either repair it or get a new DSC Alarm Panel.

How to Disarm a DSC Alarm System

You can disarm your DSC Alarm System in one of three ways. First, a DSC System can be disarmed directly from the panel. Second, a programmed key fob can be used to disarm a DSC panel. Third, the system can be disarmed from A DSC System can only be disarmed if the system is armed.

A user will disarm their DSC Alarm System when they return to the building after being away. They will also disarm when they no longer want the security sensors used with the system to be active for triggering an alarm. Disarming the system is a quick and easy process that can be completed in a matter of seconds.

There are three possible ways to disarm a DSC System, and they are outlined below:

Disarm from the panel.

To disarm from the panel, simply enter in a valid user code or the Master Code. The panel will be immediately disarmed if a valid code is entered. If an invalid code is entered, a two-second error tone will chime. If this occurs, press the [] key, and then try again.

Programming location [012] Keypad Lockout Options will affect how many failed attempts at entering a valid code are accepted by the panel. The default setting is 0, which means this feature is disabled. Valid entries are 000 – 255. The lockout duration is programmed in minutes in this same field. Valid entries are 000 – 255 (default is 000).

In case none of the methods managed to disarm your system, perhaps you should disengage the alarm if you’re contemplating disarming the system for longer.

Your alarm system consists of two components &8211; the siren and the keypad. You should disengage both of them to make sure that your system is turned off.

Let’s begin with taking your DSC alarm system’s keypad off first:

To disengage DSC system keypad, follow the steps below to deactivate the alarm system;

  • Remove the keypad from the mounting bracket (some models require undoing screws)
  • Turn the keypad over
  • Remove the battery compartment
  • Take off the four AA batteries
  • How To Disengage DSC Sirens?
  • Open the front cover by pressing down on the control tab.
  • Expose the batteries inside of the siren
  • Take off the siren’s batteries
  • Save the components of the siren in a safe place

Note: If you wish to rebuild your DSC system back together, ensure that both the siren and the keypad have batteries and are attached to their mounting brackets

To disarm a DSC alarm without the master code you’ll need to use to disengage the system online or use the Key Fob to remotely disarm the alarm. The best way to turn OFF the system is to remove the batteries from the siren and keypad.

Disarm with a key fob.

To disarm using a key fob simply press and hold the disarm button on a programmed key fob while within range of the system. The disarm button is usually identified as an unlocked lock. The system should immediately disarm once it recognizes the command from the key fob.

If you have a key fob, then you won’t need a master code to disarm your alarm since all you have to do is press the “Disarm” button on the key fob to shut off your alarm.

Here’s how to disarm a DSC alarm system using a key fob:

  • Get within 5-10 meters of range within the DSC alarm
  • Grab your key fob and ensure that the device is functional.
  • Point it towards the DSC alarm’s “eye” (front panel of the device).
  • Press and hold the “Disarm” button on the programmed key fob for your DSC alarm
  • Once the system recognizes the signal, it will immediately disarm.

Note: Make sure there are no obstructions between you and the alarm, or the key fob will fail to disarm the system.

Disarm through

If the DSC System is set up with, a user can access the service to disarm their system. This is done by first logging-in to the account through a web browser or the Mobile App. Under the security tab of, there is an option for system disarming. The system will disarm once it receives the command from

Most of the new manufacturers create the registration for their users there and provide them with credentials upon installing their alarm panels.

If you cannot recall what the credentials were, use the “Forgot my username/password” beneath the login button. To login to, all you have to do is write the username under the “Username” field and the password under the “Password” field. Next, hit the “Login” button and you should be able to see your DSC alarm’ status on the homepage of the website.

Note: When logging in to, make sure you’re on the “Customers” page and not the “Partners” page. Your account exists under “Customers”.

  • After signing in to, it’s time to get your DSC alarm disarmed.
  • Keep in mind that disarming your camera will turn the device OFF completely and it won’t alert you to intruders until you start the device again from
  • Here’s how to disarm your DSC alarm using the services of
  • Once in, go to Settings
  • Hit the “Security Tab”
  • Choose your DSC alarm from the list of devices
  • Press on “Disarm System” to disarm your DSC alarm
  • Wait for the system to shut down and disarm.

Alert: Your alarm may take several minutes to disarm completely. Make sure that you don’t interact with the device for the time being.

How to Stop Beeping DSC Alarm System

  • To reset and silence your alarm, enter the master code twice, then hold down the reset button for 2 seconds. If your alarm doesn’t have a reset button, enter *72.
  • To reset the date and time, press *6, enter your master code, then press 1. When you’ve entered the date and time, press  to save your changes.

Silencing and Resetting

Open the access door and enter your master code twice. Pull down the panel that covers the keypad on your alarm system. After this, simply enter your 4-digit master code, wait 2 seconds, and then enter it again.

If you make a mistake while entering your code, press the pound () button, and then start over.

The default code for a DSC alarm is 1234.

On some models, this step will reset the alarm and stop it from ringing. This step will also reset the trouble light, armed light, and memory light. If your alarm is still ringing, complete the rest of the steps below.

Hold down the reset button for 2 seconds if you have one. This button is usually located on the bottom right side of the keypad. Hold it down for at least 2 seconds to disengage the alarm. You will notice the lights on the alarm change from red to green to signal that the alarm has been reset.

This also helps to reset the low battery light once the power has been restored.

Some DSC models do not have a reset button. If that’s the case, move to the next step.

Enter *72 if the alarm is still ringing. Use the keypad to enter the code “*72.” This resets the smoke sensors, which will cause the alarm to stop if it is still ringing. If your keypad has an “Enter” button, press this once you have entered the code.

Resetting the Date and Time

Press *6, then enter the master code and press 1. If you need to reset the date and time on your alarm, open up the keypad panel and enter *6. Then, enter in your master code (the default code is 1234). Finally, press 1.

You may have to reset the date and time if your alarm system loses power.

Enter the time and date. Use the keypad to enter in the time, using 24-hour military time. Then enter the date using MM DD YY format.

For example, if the date is September 20, 2022, you’d enter 09 20 22.

If it’s currently 2:00 PM, you’d enter 1400.

Press pound to save your changes. Once you’ve input the right time and date, hit the pound symbol on your keypad. Your alarm system now has the correct time and date.

For users that don’t know how to disarm DSC alarm without code, we’ve prepared a quick and easy step-by-step guide that includes three different methods.

Without the master code, disarming a DSC alarm requires a few more steps but surely there is a way. We made sure to include everything so you can’t go wrong.

To disarm a DSC alarm without a master code, users need to go to and log in to their accounts to proceed. Another way to disarm the alarm entirely is to take out the batteries of your keypad and siren which will turn the system OFF.

DSC Factory Reset

To return your alarm to default settings, follow the instructions below;

1.  Power down the system. You will need to unplug the transformer from the wall outlet as well as disconnecting the wires from the backup battery terminals.

2.  Remove all wires from the PGM1 and Z1 terminals. It is a good idea to label the wires before doing this so you know where they go.

3.  Using a short piece of wire, connect to both PGM1 and Z1.

4.  Power the system back on by plugging the power transformer back in. You can leave the battery disconnected for now. Wait 1 minute.

5.  After the minute is up, unplug the alarm from the AC source again.

6.  Remove the jumper wire from PGM1 and Z1. Then replace the wires that you removed in step 2.

7.  Power back up with both the AC and battery connected. The panel should be fully defaulted.

Reasons Why Your DSC Home Alarm is Beeping

Here are some reasons why your DSC alarm is beeping;

Battery Trouble

If your DSC home alarm is beeping due to this condition, the main panel battery is low or failing. If you’ve recently had a power outage, wait 24-48 hours after power is restored. The battery may simply have discharged, and will recharge when the electricity comes back on. If the beeping persists, the battery probably needs to be replaced.

The battery can be replaced by your alarm company, if you have one. Or, if you’re fairly handy, you may be able to fix it yourself. Replacing an alarm battery isn’t very difficult, provided you can reach the main panel box.

AC Trouble

If your DSC home alarm is beeping for AC trouble, it means that the panel isn’t getting power from the low voltage transformer. This is a small cube that plugs into an outlet, usually near the main panel.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • Transformer is unplugged (Plug it in)
  • Transformer has a blown internal fuse (Replace transformer)
  • Outlet has no power (Check for a tripped circuit breaker)

TLM Trouble – Telephone Line Monitor

If your DSC home alarm is beeping due to this condition, then it isn’t able to see the telephone line. The line may have been cut or damaged, or the phone service may simply be down.

If your phones are out, check for dial tone by plugging a standard telephone into the jack in the phone box outside the house. If it’s good, something may have been disconnected between the alarm panel and the exterior phone box. In this case, you’ll probably need an alarm technician to come out and trace the line.

FTC Trouble – Fail to Communicate

When a DSC home alarm is beeping for this condition, it means that the panel was unable to call the central station. This could be a result of no phone line as described above, in which case fixing the line will clear this condition as well.

Otherwise, check with your alarm company for instructions. They can check your alarm’s reporting activity, and advise you on further steps to take.

Note: FTC troubles will clear only when the panel successfully sends a signal to the central station. Call your alarm representative for help with this.

Zone Tamper and Low Zone Battery Trouble

If your DSC home alarm is beeping for either of these conditions, there is a problem with some form of wireless security equipment. This can include wireless door and window transmitters, remote keypads, and wireless keyfobs.

Tamper means the plastic cover is loose, missing, or somehow not attached correctly. Check the affected zone; you may be able to easily re-attach a loose cover.

A Low Zone Battery is generated when a remote transmitter battery is low or failing. If you do your own battery changes, replace the batteries in the affected transmitters. Otherwise, contact your alarm company for service.

Loss of System Time

If your DSC home alarm is beeping for time loss, the internal clock will need to be reset. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press (*6) (Master Code) (1)
  • Enter the time as HH MM in 24-hour format (00:00 to 23:59)
  • Enter the date as MM DD YY
  • All entries must be 2-digits; for example, January is month 01.
  • These are the system trouble conditions I’ve seen most often. For help with other trouble conditions, check the manual for your specific panel model.

If your DSC home alarm is beeping even after you’ve tried everything, it may be time to consider replacing it. Especially if you have an older system that’s been discontinued.

How to Stop a Beeping Keypad for DSC Alarm

To turn off DSC alarm keypad siren;

Disarm the system

Check to see if your system is in the armed state. This is shown by a red lock symbol on the keypad display. If it is armed, punch in your access code to disarm the system so that the trouble can be diagnosed.

Check this too: DSC Alarm System How-to and Troubleshooting Guide

Press the ” key to silence the beeping, however you will need to fix the problem before the light will go out. You can also press ‘9’ after ‘*2’ to acknowledge and cancel the trouble condition but you still must fix the problem.

Note: The key doesn’t disable beeping keypads; it only stops beeps for the current trouble condition. The keypad may begin beeping again if:

  • The original cause of the trouble condition momentarily clears itself, then returns, or
  • A different trouble condition occurs

In either case, pressing the “” key again will acknowledge and silence the latest beeping event.

Error troubleshooting

Press [*][2] at the keypad to see the underlying issue causing the beep. The keypad will switch from its “idle” display to its “trouble code” display. The lit LED’s or text will now correspond to the trouble code table. The example below is for the Power 832/864 family of panels.

The trouble light will flash and the LCD will display the first trouble condition present. Refer to the Trouble Summary below to determine the trouble condition(s) present on the system.

Note: If you have a DSC model PC4020, there won’t be any numbers. This system uses LCD keypads with fixed displays, so instead of numbers, the trouble condition is spelled out in text form.

Error Summary

Light [1][*] Service Required – Press [1] for more information (By pressing [1] again the keypad will show you which of the eight possibilities below is causing the trouble condition)

  • [1] Low Battery
  • [2] Bell Circuit
  • [3] General System Trouble
  • [4] General System Tamper
  • [5] Module Supervision
  • [6] RF Jam Detected
  • [7] PC5204 Low Battery
  • [8] PC5204 AC Failure
  • Light [2] AC Trouble
  • Light [3] Telephone Line Trouble
  • Light [4] Failure to Communicate
  • Light [5][*] Zone Fault – Press [5] for more information (By pressing [5] again the keypad will show you what zone is causing the fault)
  • Light [6][*] Zone Tamper – Press [6] for more information (By pressing [6] again the keypad will show you what zone is causing the tamper)
  • Light [7][*] Wireless Device Low Battery – Press [7] for more information (By pressing [7] again the keypad will show you what zone has the low battery)
  • Light [8] Loss of Time or Date

DSC alarm panel beeping after power outage?

The beep is an indication of a low battery and frequently appears when the power has been gone for a longer period of time.

Another reason for the beep is when the battery of the DSC alarm is faulty and can’t withstand even a minor power fluctuation.

Let’s now learn more about why the alarm is beeping and what’s causing the sound:

DSC Alarm Beeping After Power Outage

If you keep hearing your DSC alarm panel beeping as a result of a power outage or electricity fluctuation could eventually get on your nerves. This power outage beeping with the DSC alarm usually happens when the panel has a low battery.

As soon as the power kicks back in, the panel will start to recharge from the power source and begin working normally again. When this happens, you’ll hear the “beep

Potential Fixes

The solutions below will help to fix the beeping after power outage issue;

Wait For The Battery Service Period

Your DSC alarm panel requires a little checkup after each power outage to check if there’s a battery service period at hand. Since the alarm panel works on the battery during the power outage, once the power comes back, it takes time for the battery to recharge.

To check the battery service period, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the alarm panel.
  • Click on [1] to learn more.
  • Open the Settings of the DSC alarm panel using the sliders.
  • Go to “Battery”.
  • If the screen displays “Low Battery”, there’s a service period you should wait out.

The average service period lasts around 24 hours. That’s the time your DSC alarm panel takes to completely charge after the power outage, but this period can vary. It all depends on how long the power was out.

Note: Make sure that your DSC alarm’s transformer is connected with the circuit breaker, thus the device is not using the battery.

Correct Time & Date

The DSC alarm panels are also well-known to beep when the time and the date are not correct. A power outage may impact the alarm panel and decalibrate both, the time and the date.

You can correct the date and time through the alarm panel, using the settings

  • Press the “ * “ key on your alarm panel.
  • Enter the master code for the console.
  • Go to Date & Time using the slider buttons.
  • Insert the correct values for your DSC alarm panel using the on-screen controls.
  • Once done, hit “Save” and exit the configuration of the alarm panel.

Note: The alarm panel will verify the date and time automatically.

Insert Master Code Twice

To immediately prevent your DSC alarm panel from beeping, you should insert the master code twice. Here’s how to insert the master code twice to make your DSC alarm stop beeping:

  • Expose the keypad.
  • Enter the 4-digit master code once and wait for 2 seconds.
  • After 2 seconds, insert the 4-digit master code once again.
  • Wait for your DSC alarm to stop beeping.

Note: This is only a workaround, to solve the problem permanently proceed with the solutions below.

Refresh Alarm From Operatory Console

Your DSC alarm system, like any other security system, has a main power supply panel that provides the alarm and the control panel with power. A smart move would be to refresh the console by toggling its power ON and OFF from the operating console.

To refresh the alarm using the operatory console of the DSC system:

  • Go to the panel that supplies the DSC system with power.
  • Open the panel by moving the latch.
  • Unplug the AC power adapter of the console from the adapter inside.
  • Wait for a minute or two while the power to the system is stopped.
  • Re-attach the adapter back into the source in the power panel.
  • Check if the beeping of the DSC alarm panel has stopped.

Note: Ensure that you’ve left all cables in the main power supply of the system as they were before closing the latch.

Reset The Alarm

The factory reset will reset ALL settings of your alarm system as they were when you’ve taken the device out of the box. The reset is the most drastic measures against the beeping problem with the DSC alarms.

To reset your DSC alarm:

  • Open the access door on the unit.
  • Locate the “RESET” button.
  • Press the reset button and hold it down for 2 seconds
  • Next, type “*72” in the console.
  • Hit the “RESET” button again.
  • Wait for the reset to be initialized and applied.
  • Check the sensor of the alarm.

Note: When writing down the reset combination (key), for the reset process, make

Change The Alarm System’s Battery

If the Alarm panel is still making the beeping sounds, then perhaps your system is in desperate need of new batteries. Your system cannot keep working when the backup battery inside of the control panel is worn out.

Despite being hardwired, the power still goes through the backup battery. As such, when the battery is dead, you’ll constantly hear “low battery beeps” when the power is out.

Note: This process only works for DSC power series, GE, and Ademco alarm systems. For all-in-one systems, contact your service provider to replace the battery.

How to replace the batteries of your control panel:

  • Open the control panel of the system.
  • Locate the battery (usually a big black box, on the bottom of the panel).
  • Disconnect the cables from the terminals of the battery.
  • Grab a new 12 V battery that matches the one inside your panel.
  • Use the cables to connect the new battery by its terminals (red goes into positive, black terminal goes into negative).Install the new battery and place it inside the control panel.

Note: In case your system doesn’t work with the new battery, test by switching the terminals.

DSC Alarm Reset After Power Outage

In case your DSC alarms reset every time the power goes out, the problem might be related to the operating system. The best move against the problem would be to RESET the DSC alarm system by holding the reset button and inserting the *72” code.

This is the only way to reinstall the operating system and in case the resets continue to appear, the instance to contact would be DSC customer service.

Note: The beeping from your DSC alarm is coming from the battery. This is an alert for “low battery” and the problem can be solved by waiting out the service period. Users with this issue should also reset the DSC alarms to refresh the operating system.