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How to Reset a GE Z-Wave Switch

How to Reset a GE Z-Wave Switch

GE Z-wave switches are a great way to automate your home if you are looking for reliable programmable switches from a reputable vendor in the USA. Moreover, most builders have been comfortable working with GE components since. Chances are, they’ve installed other GE gadgets before.

With this in mind, GE designed their Z-wave switches to be dead easy to use. Everything from resetting to adding the device to a new Z-wave network is dead simple.

How to Reset Factory Settings

  • Tap the ON button rapidly three times
  • Immediately after, tap the OFF button three times
  • The LED on your switch should flash five times after a successful factory reset.

How to Add Your Device to a Z-Wave Network

When you reset the switch, you have to add it back to your Z-wave network by pairing it with the Z-wave hub again.

  • Put the Z-wave in pairing mode.
  • Ensure the switch is installed and powered
  • Press and release the top or the bottom button on the smart switch, and it will pair with the network.

Removing the button from the network is the same. You have to put the z-wave hub in the ready-to-remove switch mode before pressing and releasing the bottom or top button on the switch.