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How to Remove Double Sided Tape

How to Remove Double Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is handy having around your home, but it can be hectic to remove it from a surface when you no longer need it. The best way to remove it depends on the type of surface its stuck. Go through the article to get helpful suggestions on removing the double-sided tape without damaging the paint.

Easiest Way to Remove Double-Sided Tape

There are six ways to remove the tape, as explained below;

Use a Paint or Window Scraper

Use a paint or window scraper to gently remove the excess tape. Heat the remaining residue slightly with a lighter or hairdryer and rub it off with your thumb. You can still use an old clean cloth to remove the stubborn residue. If the residue is still left, use methylated spirits or benzine.

Shield Engine Cleaner

Spray the area with shield engine cleaner and leave it for 5-10 min. Rub the area with a dry clean cloth. If the residue remains, apply Powafix benzine to a piece of fabric and wipe the area.

Use a Hairdryer

Plug your hairdryer to power and turn it on to a medium or high setting. Hold the dryer some centimeters away from the tape and blow the hot air to the edges and corners. After few minutes, stop blowing and try to pick the corners of the tape. The tape should quickly come off but if still challenging, do some blowing again.

If your fingers are short, you can use a butter knife or pallet covered with a soft cloth. If there is still more film, use Q20 or make a liquid water-displacing solvent. Spray the Q20 or homemade solution to the area and allow it to settle for 5 minutes. Use a cotton cloth to dry off the remaining residue.

Magic Eraser

Moisten the magic eraser with water and buff the area until the residue comes out.  Magic eraser is perfect for walls and doors though you may see some mild fading.

Use Petrol

The method works lie a bomb thus best for stubborn adhesive. Buy some petrol in a jar from a petrol station. Using a clean piece of cloth, dip into the petrol and rub the affected area. Use alcohol to clean the petrol and get rid of the smell.

Use Benzine

Buy benzine, methylated spirit, or rubbing alcohol. Heat the area with a hairdryer.  Use a clean piece of fabric to dip into the alcohol and rub the spot until the residue is gone.

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Try the above tips to remove 3M double-sided tape from a wall, furniture, glass, or other surfaces. The items are readily available, homemade, or you can buy them from a nearby store.