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How to lock a Honeywell thermostat

How to lock a Honeywell thermostat

There are various reasons why you need to lock your Honeywell thermostat. Whether you have kids or own a building used by several people, you can easily lock your Honeywell thermostat by following a few easy steps. 

Here is when you should lock your Honeywell thermostat and how to lock it:

When Should You Lock Your Honeywell Thermostat?

You can decide to lock your Honeywell thermostat when you’re in any of these situations:

If You Have Kids

Kids tend to touch many things they aren’t supposed to touch. Therefore, you should lock your thermostat to prevent your electric bill from hitting the roof.


If you have an Airbnb, you can keep the temperature at a certain level to save some money on the electricity bill.

Additionally, locking your Honeywell thermostat can prevent temporary tenants from leaving the thermostat on when they’re not in the room. 

If You Own a Building

If you own a building, for example, an office building, you can legally choose to mandate the temperature of the building. For example, you might lock or partially lock your thermostat to keep a constant temperature throughout the building. 

How to Lock Your Honeywell Thermostat

There are three main types of Honeywell thermostats: Honeywell Pro series thermostats T4, T6, and 8000. Each of the thermostats follows a slightly different set of steps for locking. 

It’s best first to identify the thermostat you are using, then follow the locking instructions for that model. 

How to Lock Honeywell T4 Thermostat

If you own a Honeywell T4 thermostat, you can lock it by following these instructions:

  • First, select the menu option to lock your thermostat.
  • Next, use the +/- buttons to select your lock mode.
  • Finally, confirm by pressing ‘Select.’

How to Lock Honeywell T6 Thermostat

To lock the T6 model, you must follow these four steps to lock the screen and prevent all or partial access to the thermostat. 

  • Tap the middle button labeled ‘Menu’ and locate the ‘Screen Lock’ option by scrolling left or right with the arrow on the screen.
  • Select ‘Screen Lock’ once you locate it. 
  • You will be prompted to choose between fully or partially locking your thermostat.
  • Select your preferred locking mode, and when prompted to confirm, select ‘Yes.’

How to Lock a Honeywell 8000 Series

If you own a Honeywell 8000 series, you can lock it by following these four steps:

  • First, use the touch screen to find and press the menu option labeled ‘System.’
  • You will see four digits on the left side. Use the arrows to change the numbers to ‘0670’. This is your passcode.
  • You’ll see a single digit on the right side, either a one or a zero. This will help you choose whether to fully or partially lock your thermostat. If you want the thermostat fully locked, use the arrows to ensure the digit is one. If you want it partially locked to ensure that you can still change the temperature, make sure the digit is zero.
  • Enter the PIN and the locking mode, press ‘Done’ to confirm, and lock the thermostat. 

How to Unlock a Honeywell Thermostat

Knowing how to unlock your Honeywell thermostat is best because you’ll need to do it at some point. Here’s how you can unlock your Honeywell thermostat:

How to Unlock the Honeywell Pro Series T4 Thermostat

You will need to follow these steps to unlock the Honeywell Pro Series T4 Thermostat:

  • Press the word ‘Unlock’ on the screen. You will be prompted to enter a 4-digit password. If you haven’t set a password, your default password is 1234.
  • Use the +/- buttons to choose each digit of the password. Then, you can move on to the next digit by pressing ‘Select.’
  • Your thermostat will unlock after you’ve pressed ‘Select’ for the last digit and the password is accepted. 

How to Unlock the Honeywell Pro Series T6 Thermostat

If you want to unlock the T6 model, you will need the 4-digit PIN. If you can’t locate the PIN, you’ll have to take a few extra steps to unlock the thermostat. 

Here’s how you can unlock the T6 thermostat:

  • Remove the front of the thermostat and locate a 4-digit number on the device. It’s usually in the top right corner.
  • Once you’ve located the 4-digit number, add 1234 to the number to get your thermostat’s PIN.
  • When you’re ready to unlock the thermostat, press the lock symbol. You’ll be prompted to enter the 4-digit PIN.
  • Use the arrow keys and the select button to enter the PIN.
  • If you’ve entered the PIN correctly and pressed ‘Select’ for the final time, your thermostat should be fully unlocked. 

How To Unlock Honeywell 8000 Series Thermostat?

You will have to follow these steps to unlock the Honeywell 8000 Series Thermostat:

  • Press and hold ‘System’ and ‘Auto’ together to initiate the unlock procedure.
  • You should see a blank space in the middle of the screen at the bottom. Press and hold this blank key until the screen changes.
  • You will see four digits on the left side. Use the arrows to change the numbers to ‘0670’. This is your passcode.
  • Set the digit on the right to zero using the arrows to unlock the thermostat.
  • When you’ve entered the PIN and selected zero, click ‘Done’ to finalize.

Locking or unlocking your Honeywell thermostat is straightforward if you have your PIN or password. Use the tips above to get started.