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How To Light a Charcoal Grill Without Lighter Fluid

How To Light a Charcoal Grill Without Lighter Fluid

If you are as impatient as I am, you probably prefer to light your charcoal grill using lighter fluid. But in some instances, this is not possible, especially when you go tailgating and forget to pack the lighter fluid. Or you are out of lighter fluid and are not in a position to go to the store to get one. This is where the no lighter fluid hack comes in handy.

Lighting Charcoal Without Lighter Fluid

Here are some cool options you can use when lighting your grill without lighter fluid.

Use a Fire Kindler

This can be in the form of dry twigs, grass, or any other highly combustible light material that can cause the charcoal to get kindled basically. All you need is matches, a piece of paper and the kindler and you are good to go.

Crumple the paper into balls and throw it into the grill, then place the twigs or grass on top of it and light the match. Then place the charcoal on top of the fire. Do not suffocate the fire, so place the coal loosely on top of the fire.

Use a Chimney Starter

This is a metallic open cylindrical tube meant to protect the fire from blown out before the charcoal is lit. It usually has a small opening on the side for air circulation. It works by allowing minimal airflow to keep the fire burning slowly as the charcoal gets kindled.

Chimney starters help to light fires much faster and are easy to use. You simply place a piece of paper at the bottom and light it. Then place the charcoal on top of the fireball and wait for the wind to do the rest.

Use Fat Wood

This is any wood that catches fire fast. It is also known as heart pine or lighter knot. While they are not ideal for grilling due to their high combustion rate, fat woods are usually great for starting fires. This kind of wood can burn pretty fast, so use a little wood unless you are looking to get a really big fire.

You can buy shavings from wood mills or wood manufacturers as you will need very little fatwood to get a fire started. Additionally, any leftover fatwood will impart a smoky flavor into your grilled meat.

Use an Electric Charcoal Starter

This is the most convenient method of lighting a fire without using Bbq lighter fluid. It does not require the use of matches or kindling material such as paper to get the fire will need to get an electric fire starter, which may set you back a few bucks, but after that, everything is smooth sailing.

A good electric charcoal starter as little as ten minutes to start a fire using this gadget. Once you have one in your possession, all you need to do is plug it into an outlet and place it underneath the charcoal. Once you get you, the fire started to remove it from the grill, and you are set.

Pro Tip: Placing charcoal on an electric hot plate and letting it run for around five to ten minutes should light some charcoal embers that will in turn light up a grill. Just ensure you monitor them closely and be ready to see a bit of smoke as the charcoal catches fire.

Ensure you pick it up by the handle as the iron part will be really hot at this point. And remember to place it on a surface that is heat resistant. You should also ensure there are no flammable fluids around it. Let it cool down first before you store it.

Start a fire without lighter fluid may seem complicated, but it is much easier than most people think. Not to mention you do not have to worry about your grilled meat or vegetable tasting like lighter fluid. Experiment with the various methods before you settle on one to find one that suits your needs best.