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How to Get Rid of Waterbugs

How to Get Rid of Waterbugs

Water bugs usually come out in summer from drains at homes and in street drains. These insects typically prefer to live outdoors but can also invade basements, dark and damp areas. You can find them in bathtubs, kitchen sinks, or sewer drain pipes. So, if these insects have invaded your home, let’s find ways to get rid of water bugs.

What’s Required

  • Baking soda
  • Sugar
  • Sprays
  • Water bug repellant
  • Bait

Ways of Getting Rid of Water Bugs

There are different ways of eliminating water bugs in your house. Some are natural ways, while others are the use of chemicals. They include;

Using Powdered Sugar and Baking Soda

This method is a more natural approach to control water bugs. Sprinkle the mixture in equal parts of baking soda and powdered sugar in the target area. The bugs will ingest the mix when they pass the site and will get poisoned.

Water Bug Spray

Sprays are the most commonly used treatment in the elimination of water bugs. When you spray the chemical on the bugs, they ingest it and damage the neurotransmitters. The insects gradually die after a short period of exposure.

Water Bug Trap

This method is a simple approach to eliminating water bugs in the drain and its entire colony. When the bug comes into touch with the bait, it carries it to the nest, getting rid of many bugs after consuming it. Ensure to keep the bait away from all food sources, including pet food, to ensure you target the water bugs.

Water Bug Repellant

When the bug becomes a nuisance too hard to kill, this method is a perfect choice. The waterbug repellant spray blocks the bug’s sense of smell. This loss of smell causes the bugs to leave the treated areas and search for other better environments.

What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Bugs?

The quickest way of getting rid of water bugs in the house is the use of chemical pesticides. You should purchase the appropriate pesticide for the water bugs and dilute it as per the instructions. Later spray into the cracks and crevices where the bugs could be hiding.

What is a Natural Way to Get Rid of Water Bugs?

A natural way of killing water bugs is through the use of boric acid. Use boric acid as bait, mix it with something like food that will attract bugs, and add sugar. Use a small amount of the acid so that the bugs can walk on it. In the process, the pests will ingest the bait, and the boric acid will poison them.

Why Do Water Bugs Come Out in the Summer?

Most insects like water bugs are cold-blooded, and they tend to be inactive in the cold season. Some die off while others hide in voids and slow down without multiplying. But when temperatures get hot in summer, the water bugs explode. In the search for food and water, these pests multiply and increase in numbers.

How to Stop Water Bugs from Coming Up the Drain

Always clean your drains at least twice a month with a drain cleaner. They may have a buildup of wastes, food, and other materials that attracts water bugs and allow them to breed. After cleaning the drains, use a screen to cover them so that the insects cant crawl inside and lay eggs.

Why Do Water Bugs Come Out at Night?

Like other insects, water bugs tend to be active during the night. They follow the circadian rhythms where they are inactive during the day and start searching for food at night. They also tend to hide from predators during the day and avoid the heat from the sun.

Are Water Bugs and Roaches the Same Thing?

Water bugs and roaches are different from each other. Water bug bodies are long ovals that are black, dark brown, or tan, one to two inches long. They have long legs to help them paddle through the water. Giant water bugs are large insects that mostly live in ponds and are predators: they hunt and kill other insects.

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Cockroaches don’t live in water and are known to be scavengers. Roaches have wings, but most cant fly.  They have flattened oval bodies and long antennae. They are brownish and usually run very fast. There are different species of roaches like American, Oriental, Florida woods.


The above methods are effective in getting rid of water bugs from your home. Ensure as you apply them, you follow the instructions carefully. Again, keep food and water safe to avoid contamination from the chemicals you use.