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How to Get Fluffy Hair

How to Get Fluffy Hair

The fluffy hairstyle is back and here to stay. The fluffy and bouncy hairstyle was more in the ’90s, but it’s coming back. We have seen many celebrities and influencers rocking fuzzy hairs. The shaggy hair is more about volume and a beautiful finish, and it is in between a messy texture and a blowout. If you are interested in having fluffy hair, you should practice the tips below.

How Can I Make My Hair Naturally Fluffy and Poofy?

You can have naturally fluffy hair through the following tips;

Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

This technic helps to lift your roots off the scalp, which helps to increase the volume. First, wash your hair and apply a styling product like foam at the base of the hair. Next, dry the air with a t-shirt, then with your blow-dryer.

This method adds volume and makes your hair fluffier as roots don’t rest on the scalp. For best results, twist your hair upside down and brush it with a bristle brush for a feathery hair design.

Go for Hot Rollers

This method is excellent for having short fluffy hair as there are many sizes of rollers. The rollers come in handy to keep frizz at bay. You can achieve heatless curls and have more hair volume without depending on heat styling tools.

For fluffy and curly hair, use thinner rollers. You can wind at least two layers with the rollers for better style. But if you need bouncier hair, use larger rollers. Always remember before everything else to spray your hair with setting spray, then use rollers of your choice.

A Volumizing Care System

Making hair fluffy requires a critical step that starts in the shower. First, you need to change your hair shampoo and conditioner for a volume boost in product to change your strands. Consider trying the following products that leave your hair shiny and lasting volume.

  • L’Oreal Paris Everpure volume shampoo
  • L’Oreal Paris Everpure volume conditioner

Use a Dry Shampoo

This shampoo helps keep your hair volume intact.  The product also absorbs oils and refreshes your hair strands without leaving them wet. As a result, you can get silky and fluffy hair, especially for men, without washing it daily. Besides the dry shampoo, use building shampoo for thickening the hair and adding volume.

Flip and Tease Your Hair

Flipping your hair is a healthy habit. As you switch the hair’s position, the roots feel free and relax. The experts recommend changing the hair’s position every month to air roots and strands and prevent hair loss. In addition, you can use some products like roots boosting to help style your hair and get better results that last longer.

Teasing your hair when wet is the best to add more volume and improve the shaggy look. Use a wide-toothed comb to lift your roots more, and then flip the hair. This way gives you an instant style to fluffy hair girls.

Back-comb Your Hair

Back brushing your hair is an easy way that gives it fluffiness. You should use a brush and not a toothed comb to add some hair volume. Avoid overdoing the brushing as it makes the hair dull and lighter.  As a recommendation, apply some dry conditions before back brushing to get a fuzzy hair shape.

Dye Your Hair

Dyeing your hair makes it more voluminous. The dye opens up the hair cells in your hair. The dye goes into the follicles making the cells not close completely. Your hair thus becomes filled and fluffy.

Layer Your Hair

Well-layered and cut hair looks voluminous and fluffier. Consider having scheduled haircuts regularly to achieve a fluffier design. You can choose different ways to layer your hair.

One method is cutting the hair using a razor blade or feather razor to make it fluffier. Cut the hair layer by layer at a precise angle. You can cut thin strands of hair at different lengths. The shorter strands can hold the longer ones to make the hair look feathery.


Various hair cuts can make the hair look fluffy that men should try. Some cuts like flowy layered hair and long pompadour can give soft hair for men.

Shaggy hairs can look fluffy, too, with some bit of effort made. With the shaggy style, you can use wax and hair glue to make it extra scruffy and hold it down.

Choose Best Diffuser

A diffuser gives the best results to curl the hair naturally or fluff it without frizziness. In addition, a diffuser is a good option for treating your hair as it reduces heat exposure preventing damage. Using a diffuser on wet hair is best to seal the cuticle and shape it in a natural look.

Use Volume Powder and Mousse

There are various hair products nowadays to improve hair care and styling.  For instance, the volume powder works best in adding hair volume after applying it.  Use your fingers to settle the powder until it’s over.  Avoid leaving the powder on your hair for long as it causes itching and more skin issues.

On the contrary, mousse is gentle and safe for any hair texture and condition. Apply some amount of the product on the hair to hold the stands and prevent frizz—mousse results in shiny, bouncy hair curls.

Use of Natural Products

Your hair requires nutrients and minerals just like the body does to grow healthy. You should thus eat foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E for thick hair growth. You can still apply some products like aloe vera, apple cider, honey, and lemon juice for nourishments and free-free hair.

The natural oils increase blood circulation, which helps in the removal of dead skin. The oils also make the high fluffy and shine like chamomile.

How Do You Get 90s Fluffy Hair?

To attain the 90’s style, follow these steps;

  • Prepare your hair with unique products like Dae cactus flower leave-in conditioner best for fine hair. Also, use a volumizing spray.
  • Rough dry the hair as you brush it upwards to remove the moisture in the roots.
  • Style the hair. Divide the hair into sections and pull up each part to add volume.
  • Later pin up the loops so that the hair cools in loose curls.
  • Remove the clips carefully.
  • Use some texturizing spray.

Why is My Natural Hair so Poofy

Some ways can make your natural hair poofy like styles and certain regular habits. Some of the reasons that make your hair poof includes;

  • Washing your hair frequently makes your hair dry because the scalp produces natural oils that make your hair moisturized. But when you wash it daily, you get rid of these natural oils.
  • Using hot water to rinse your hair makes it lose moisture and become dull. Instead, it’s best to use warm water to wash the hair and then rinse with cold water.
  • Failure to treat your hair makes it weaker.
  • If you don’t use conditioning shampoo, your hair can get very dry and easily tangled.

How to get fluffy hair after a shower

While washing your hair, it’s best to choose a shampoo that will protect it from dryness and frizz. Again, be sure the shampoo won’t clear all the wanted scalp oil. Consider using a conditioner with biotin to add the best volume.  Conditioners are also good for your hair’s health.

After cleaning, dry your hair in t-shirts or cotton cloth instead of towels as it causes the hair to twist and turn.  Avoid hard strokes or rough fabrics for drying purposes. Later dry your hair upside down using a blow-dry after making sections if it’s long.  Drying your hair against its usual direction will cause the roots to stand up and become fluffy.

How to get fluffy hair overnight

Before sleeping, you should apply styling products that will keep the hair in control as the style sets.  Some of the practices you can try for a fluffy hair overnight includes;

Top Knot Style

The technique of placing a bun on your hair adds volume quickly.  After adding body into the hair, you should twist it into a top knot loosely. But for a tighter wave, divide your hair into two and twist the hair tightly in one direction.

Sleeping in Rollers

Slip your hair into sections and roll up over the rollers towards the scalp. Lock the barrels in place and release them in the morning. Make sure you sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid getting roughed up.


If you love this fluffy natural look, you can be sure to try it out.  The above techniques guide you on how to make a soft hairstyle for both men and women. In addition, you can try out your favorite practices and always make them a habit to work out for you. But, again, remember to take care of your hair by using the appropriate products for nourishment.