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How to Clean Crocs

How to Clean Crocs

Crocs are lightweight shoes and comfortable to wear for all daily activities. After wearing them when working in the garden, going for a nature walk, they require cleaning. Crocs need to be in good condition, and you should avoid leaving them exposed to the sun to prevent shrinking. To clean dirty crocs, you need cold/warm water and mild soap.

What to Use Cleaning Crocs

  1. Coldwater
  2. Mild soap
  3. Bucket
  4. Baking soda
  5. Brush
  6. Magic eraser

Cleaning Crocs: The Procedure

There are three types of crocs depending on the material that is rubber crocs, crocs with fur, and leather. These different crocs require different methods of cleaning and cleaning materials to get rid of the dirt.

  • Rinse Crocs- using regular water before doing a deep clean, rinse off the rubber crocs with plain water to remove the first layer of dirt.
  • Prepare a Soap Mixture- pour a small amount of mild soap or dish detergent into a bucket of warm water. Mix the soap with water well. If the crocs are very dirty, add bleach to the water.
  • Let the Crocs Soak- put your crocs in the sop mixture and allow them to soak before scrubbing them.
  • Cleaning Stinky Crocs- use a scrub brush or a rag to scrub off the dirt. You can still use a toothbrush to clean inside the vent holes or other areas you can’t reach.
  • Use Magic Eraser- if the dirt isn’t washing off, try to use a magic eraser to eliminate the tough stains. Rub the eraser over the stains until they disappear.
  • Rinse the Crocs – rinse your crocs with plain, cool water. Later dry them with a towel or airdry them. Remember to avoid leaving your crocs out in the sun as heat can cause damage, making white crocs turn yellow.

How to Clean Crocs with Fur? ( winter crocs)

These are the crocs used during the winter that have a sheep-like lining to keep your feet warm.

What You Need

  • Absorbent powder
  • Water
  • Shampoo

 The Procedure

  1. Use an absorbent powder to remove stains or odor from the fur-lining. Choose a powder similar to the crocs’ lining, and if your shoes have dye, salt, or baking powder is fine. Cornmeal (beige color), dry oatmeal (white), and wheat germ(brown) are also perfect powders for specific lining colors.
  2. Sprinkle the powder on the lining and ensure it covers evenly. Let the powder sit for 3 hours before shaking it out. If using salt, especially for blue lining, use more amount as it will not stick easily.
  3. Have the lining dry-cleaned if necessary. The lining may not look good after washing, so it’s best to avoid using water. But if it’s dirty, do dry-cleaning to maintain its textures. When the fur is clean, brush it to fluff it.
  4. If it’s unavoidable, you can still handwash. Soak the lining in shampoo and warm water. Later rinse it with plain clean water before air drying. The crocs will take longer to dry, around one or two days.

Cleaning Canvas Crocs

Canvas crocs need a different cleaning approach. Before cleaning, you need to remove the laces to make it easy.

What You Need

  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Mild soap
  • Brush
  • Laundry Stain Remover
  • Sponge


  1. Soak the laces and shoes in a bucket with soapy water. Mild soap is best and will not damage the canvas with harsh chemicals. You can use both cold or warm water but not hot.
  2. Scrub- dip a toothbrush or another small brush into the soap water and start scrubbing the shoe. Scrub the canvas gently until it’s clean.
  3. Apply stain remover. If the crocs have tough stains, treat them with a laundry stain remover and allow them to sit on for around 10 minutes.
  4. Use a textile or sponge to clean the crocs. Dip the sponge in the soapy water, wring it out and gently sponge the shoes to remove all the suds.
  5. Use a fabric to absorb any excess moisture before drying the crocs. Remember not to dry the dyed fabric to avoid losing its color.

How to Clean Crocs with Fur that Don’t Come Out

Handwash the lining using mild soap and cold or lukewarm water if the fur doesn’t come out. Brush any visible dirt out of the fur and rinse it well.  Hang the crocs in the line or set them outside in the sun to dry.  Remember to avoid heat drying the Crocs or leave them to dry in the sun for too long.

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Can I Put Crocks in the Washing Machine?

You can’t put your crocs in the washing machine as exposure to heat may cause the Croslite material to shrink. But if you need to use a washer, use cold water and don’t dry them. Instead, leave them to air dry but remember doing this too often can distort the rubber.

How Can I Make My Crocs White Again?

You can use a clean magic eraser and bleach if it’s soiled.  Apply the eraser and gently scrub to remove the dirt. Later add bleach in water and soak the crocs. After scrubbing the dirt with a brush, rinse the crocs thoroughly and allow them to dry.


Depending on the type of crocs you have, you can use the soap and soak method to clean, use absorbent powder and vacuum, use bleach and a magic eraser. Crocs are comfortable shoes to put on at home and have a straightforward cleaning way to ensure you enjoy them.