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How to Add myQ to Google Home

How to Add myQ to Google Home

Most people worldwide leave their garage doors open when they go to sleep, work, or vacation. However, a few years ago, no smart and robust systems allowed people to lock or open their doors from a remote place at a predetermined time. 

The smart home has profoundly changed how most people go about their daily lives. So the idea of your house connected to the internet, with ovens, fridges, and heating controlled from your phone, is intriguing. 

The interesting part is that you can connect more appliances to your Google Home app if you link myQ to Google Home. Here’s how you can link myQ Smart Garage system to Google Home:

Add myQ to Google Home

Chamberlain, a manufacturer, mostly known for their remote controls, garage door openers, and other accessories, recently started manufacturing smart technology to go with the garage accessories. Therefore, you can control your home, irrespective of location, through a quick and convenient smartphone app. 

The good news is that you can link your myQ products to your Google Home products to use voice commands to control your lights and garage door. For example, you can use Google Home to open your garage door or tell Google to turn the lights on or off. 

If you want to integrate your Google Home account with your myQ account, you’ll need to download both the Google Assistant and myQ apps on your smartphone. 

Adding myQ to Google Assistant is not free; it’s a premium service from Chamberlain that requires a monthly or annual subscription. You can activate your Google Assistant myQ subscription by following these steps:

  • Login to
  • Enter your login credentials and select Authenticate.
  • Select Add Subscription.
  • Choose from the list of the Premium Partners you want to subscribe to.
  • Select a monthly or annual billing cycle.
  • Enter your billing information and select Place Order.

Once you complete the above steps, you will have an active subscription, and you can use Google Assistant to control myQ products. 

You can also use the procedure below to continue the setup myQ app:

  • Click the menu in the top left corner.
  • Select Works with myQ.
  • Find Google Assistant in Account Linking.
  • Either select to launch the Google Assistant app or download it on your smartphone.

Follow these steps in the Google Assistant app:

  • Use the voice command “Ok, Google, talk to myQ.”
  • You can also select the blue menu button in the upper right corner. Under Explore, type myQ into the search bar.
  • Select talk to myQ.
  • Click the word Link by the myQ symbol. You can also scroll down to Account Linking and select Link there.
  • Enter your myQ credentials on the myQ authentication page, and click authenticate. 
  • You’ll be redirected to the Google Assistant app when you complete the above steps correctly.

Connect Google Assistant to myQ with IFTTT

You can connect Google Assistant to myQ with the IFTTT method, an alternative to the subscription service method. 

However, it’s best to understand that this method will allow you to give voice commands only and won’t tell you the garage’s door status. 

Connecting Google Assistant to myQ with IFTTT is a straightforward method. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, open your IFTTT app by logging into it. 
  • Then, make a new applet by clicking ‘Explore’ and ‘Create.’
  • Generate the IF trigger by clicking on ‘+.’
  • Search the Google Assistant and then choose ‘Say a simple phrase.
  • Enter a statement of your choice, such as ‘Close garage,’ and generate the trigger.
  • Click on the ‘+’ sign again and generate the Then That command.
  • Search myQ and select ‘Close door’ or whatever statement you have entered as a voice command.
  • Choose the garage door and press ‘Create action.’
  • Name your applet. 

Why Can’t I Link myQ to Google Home?

You might find it challenging to link myQ to Google Home through the subscription method. This is because you might have to pay a subscription fee, download the relevant apps, and have accounts on these platforms.

Failure to pay a subscription fee or download the relevant apps means you won’t be able to link the myQ app to Google Home.

Can myQ Connect With Google Nest?

Linking your myQ app to your Nest Cam and Nest Learning Thermostat offers enhanced security, peace of mind, and convenient control from one app.

If you want to link your myQ app with Nest but don’t have a myQ-connected garage, you can link your opener with myQ technology, and smartphone control is easy. All you need is the right opener or myQ Remote LED light.

With the new Nest Away Alert option in the myQ Alerts menu, you can choose to have a notification sent to you when Nest switches to away, and your garage door is left open.

The possibilities for growing your smart home are endless. You can feel more secure when your home is warm, safe, and connected. In addition, manufacturers have made it easier than before to seamlessly integrate products so that you can give simple voice commands whether you’re home or not.