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How Much Power Does a CrockPot Use?

How Much Power Does a CrockPot Use?

A crock-pot is a must to have item in your kitchen. The pot makes you enjoy your cooking experience as it cooks without a mess. Apart from convenience, the pot also cooks a pretty yummy meal with flavor. So, how efficient is the pot in terms of energy?

A typical crock-pot consumes 120 volts and a range of 0.6 to 2 amps. In an 8-hour cooking cycle, a slow cooker power consumption ranges from 0.7-0.9kWh, and thus the pot becomes economical. In simpler terms, the pot uses less electricity than most household appliances. Though the power consumption figures depend on the size and model of the crock-pot. 

You can plug more than one crock-pot on a circuit depending on your crock model. For instance, you can plug five pots on a 15amp circuit and seven pots on a 20 amp—however, it’s best to read the crock pot’s manual before connecting it.

Is it safe to Plug Crock-Pot into Power Outlet?

Yes, it’s safe to plug your CrockPot into any power outlet as long as it isn’t overloaded. However, the power outlet may pose a safety risk, especially if it is overloaded: this leads to circuit breaker tripping.

Never plug the CrockPot into a power extension strip. You are not sure if the extension cord and strip are well grounded and if they can handle the current draw.

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So as a safety precaution, connect the crock-pot directly into the power outlet without overloading it. An easy way to guarantee this is by avoiding plugging it into a circuit shared by other heat-generating appliances such as hair dryers, space heaters, toasters, etc. 

 Does a Crock-pot Use a Lot of Electricity?

No, a crock-pot is energy efficient. A crock-pot consumes 70 watts at a low temperature or 250 on a high temperature; if used for 5 hours, you will spend 1250 watts. Comparing this power consumption with an oven saves you a lot of energy. 

How Much Electricity Does a Crock-Pot Use in 8 Hours?

Slow cookers consume a standard 120V outlet. They still have a low amperage of 0.6 amps to keep food warm and two amps when on high cooking mode. To get the power consumption of the unit in watts; 

 Power (watts)= Amperage x Voltage

 In low cooking mode, the pot will consume 1.5-amp, power =  1.5×120= 180 W. In kilowatts = 180/1000 = 0.18kW.  So, crock-pot power consumption on a low-cook settingfor around 8 hours will use 1.44kWh of electricity. 

Power = 0.18kW x 8hrs = 1.44kW/hours

If we translate this into money, this would be very cheap to use a slower cooker. The average residential cost of power in the US is about $0.13kWh. So, in our example, the cost would be $0.19 on the low setting and 0.25 on the high cook setting for 8 hours. 

1.44kWh x $0.13 = $0.19

Is it Cheaper to Use a Slow Cooker than a Gas Oven?

Yes, it’s cheaper to use a crock-pot than a gas oven for cooking. On average, a crock-pot wattage is low than a gas oven and costs between $0.19-0.25 for 8-hour cooking. But an oven spends 2.4kWh amounting to 31 cents per hour or $ 2.48 for 8 hours. 

Ovens use much power when preheating, while slower cookers use equal power and heat to cook a whole meal. Again, the average power consumption of an oven is 2400 watts, while a slower cooker uses 70-250 watts, depending on the setting. 

 5 Common Crock-pot Brands and their Power Rating

6-Quartz Programmable Crock Pot

This pot is energy efficient and comes with low, high, and warm wetting. The pot can reach 210 degrees and consumes a maximum of 240 watts. 

Hamilton Beach-6 Quartz 

No more worries when cooking and forgetting to check on it because this pot is has a programmable feature. It uses innovative technology to cook to the desired time and specific temperature. The pot consumes an average of 275 watts. 

  1. West Bend Oblong- has a five quartz capacity and has a power rating of 220 watts
  2. Hamilton Beach Stay–  has a 4-quartz capacity and power rating of 195 wats. 
  3. Kenwood CP657 – its larger pot with 6.5 quartz and a power rating of 320 watts 

From the power rating given, pot wattage varies depending on their capacity. The larger the pot, the higher the power rating. However, even with the power rating increase in pot size, it’s still cheap to use a slower cooker than the oven. For example, in 6-quart crock-pot power use vs. four quartz, the 6-quartz will consume more watts than 4-quartz.

How do you determine energy use? Most slower cookers have multiple power settings to meet your temperature needs. The pots have low, medium, and high settings, with the lowest using low wattage. The pot also features a wattage monitor to show you the energy used in a given setting. Insert the cooker into the monitor and plug it into a power outlet to check the amount of energy. 

Energy Saving Tips for Your Kitchen

There are several ways you can use to save energy in your kitchen. Below are five tips that can help you;

  • Cook in bulkYou will save a lot of energy when you cook food once rather than in bits.
  • Keep your pots clean as any leftovers on the pot will absorb heat, using more energy to cook.
  • Defrost food naturally. If, for instance, you are cooking meat, prepare it to defrost naturally. 
  • Use a steamer. Use the already boiling pot rather than turning on another ring.
  • Put the lid correctly on your pot to prevent heat loss and reduce the energy used.
  • Cut cooking time early by turning off the oven or stove some few minutes before the exact time: this is because the food continues to cook until the unit cools down. 

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A crock-pot is an investment worth your kitchen as it’s convenient. Again, it has other benefits like cooking sweet food rich in flavors and saving power consumption. Also, it’s healthy to cook meat and other foods using the pot. If you haven’t acquired one, it’s a decision you should consider to cut your power bills and enjoy cooking. For best results, go for the programmable pot version.