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Do You Own a Pet? Then You Need the S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum

Do You Own a Pet? Then You Need the S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum

Do you own a cat, dog, or other furry pet? Chances you know how hard it is to keep the fur in check even if they don’t shed like a Wookie. A good way to avoid constant vacuuming is getting a robotic vacuum that runs on a schedule to keep the fur and hair in check.

Robot vacuums have come a long way. They are better at detecting obstacles, going on and off rugs, and reaching the tightest of the corners. Despite all these improvements, I find most robot vacuum cleaners wanting when it comes to cleaning up after pets.

The Robot Vacuum Handicap

Since the robot vacuum has to be slim and low profile, they rarely have the power to suck up most of the pet hair, fur, dander, and allergens. 

Some still don’t have the right AI to avoid the occasional waste and poop even when they do. Worst case scenario; you will have a hairless living room and nasty streaks of poop all over the floor.

That alone was enough to keep me off robot vacuum cleaners until I stumbled upon the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra.

Intelligent and Optimized for Pets

Roborock built the S7 MaxV Ultra intending to make it the ultimate janitor for your pet-packed home. They gave it a decent amount of power and specific pet care AI and physical functionalities to handle complexities that other robot vacuum manufacturers ignore. 

The most notable are:

  • A pet fur set up
  • Pet poop set up
  • A way to deal with pet anxieties
  • Pet monitoring
  • Pet allergens control

Powerful Suction for Better Cleaning

The part where most robot vacuums fail when cleaning after pets is a weak suction force. Roborock deals with this problem by giving the S7 MaxV an impressive suction power of up to 5100Pa. 

For perspective, this is enough to suck dense pet fur balls, meaning it will be powerful enough to pick up individual pet furs strewn on the floor or your carpet.

An Anti Tangle Brush

Suction power is good – but it will be no good if the sweeping brushes are clogged. Roborock protects the bristle brush by presenting it in a molded cylindrical design that prevents tangling, reducing the number of times you have to do some hands-on cleaning.

Automatic Emptying of Debris and Pet Hair

Once the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra collects the hair and debris, It can automatically empty itself at the dock. Your vacuum could go hands-free cleaning for up to seven weeks, depending on how many pets you have.

That is almost two months of uninvolved cleaning – unless the cleaner hits a hitch and you have to rescue it.

Dealing With Pet Waste

By adding pet waste discovery AI into the system, Roborock gives us a vacuum cleaner that will avoid bits of pet waste instead of mowing over them.

Dubbed Reactive AI 2.0, artificial intelligence focuses on picking up pet waste, poop, and toys. It then takes the wisest way out by avoiding the waste until you clean it up. 

The AI also learns where it finds pet poop the most. Since pets generally like to go to specific places, your Roborock will start avoiding such locations after finding poop or waste a couple of times.

This reduces the chances of accidentally smearing the house and gives your pet peace by avoiding startling it when doing its business.

Well, most people will say pets shouldn’t poop at random places. But real pet owners will admit some of their furry darlings have the weirdest tendencies that crop up at the least expected times.

Dealing With Pet Anxieties

While cleaning is your priority, you should also be concerned about how intruding your robot vacuum is on the pets. 

Pets don’t understand tiny things whizzing around the house. They’re not kids, other animals, or anything they have ever met. Robot vacuums will startle your pet – at least for a while in case your pet decides to start ignoring the weird gizmo.

Roborock deals with this problem by implementing a couple of solutions that make it friendly to pets. Some of the most notable are:

  • Starting slow and ramping up gradually. The slow start is a Quiet Mode that though not as powerful, gives your pet time to familiarize with the noise hence avoiding startling it
  • A child lock prevents tampering from children and pets. No unintended wacks to turn on or turn off the vacuum cleaner

Bottom Line

The world of robotic vacuum cleaners keeps getting better by the day. Right now, I can admit that though we will see changes shortly and better products, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a good buy regardless of whether you have a pet or not.

If you have pets, it will clean better and won’t scare your pets like a normal Roomba robot vacuum. If you don’t have pets, you will still enjoy the extra cleaning power, the bigger waste bins and even the silent mode will virtual let the little vacuum vanish into obscurity and keep your house clean without intruding.