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How to Clean Between Double Pane Windows

How to Clean Between Double Pane Windows

The double-pane windows use two pieces of glass that have an airtight seal between them. The purpose of this seal is to lock in the air so that it acts as an insulator.

You don’t have to clean the area between these panes every other time. However, there are instances when mold appears in between the window panes and you’ll be required to find a way to remove it.

Double pane windows get cloudy when dirty or mold starts building up between the double panes. You’ll not only find it difficult to see outside clearly, but the windows will not allow in much light either.

So, how can you clean double paned windows? Here are two ways to go about it:

Method #1: Drilling holes

This option involves the drilling of one or several holes into the glass in order to place small desiccate packets that absorb moisture that forms between the glasses. Desiccate packets will help clear the fog or condensation.

The holes can also be used to help rinse the dirt out hence clearing the fogging. Isopropyl alcohol is the best for rinsing dirt from the inside of a double pane window.

At times rinsing does not remove the dirt from between the window panes. In this case, you need to fashion a device that can thread through the dirt build up.

You can use a pair of wool pantyhose on a drain snake or a sock duct tape on a piece of wire.

There is one more method you can try before you remove the glass from your double pane window. Point a fan towards the drilled holes.

Doing so will increase the air flow between the window panes thus causing the moisture to evaporate. This option only removes moisture.

Not knowing where the seal has broken will cause the problem to continue. Don’t cover the drilled holes as you will need them to clean the window again in the near future. Needless to say, sealing the drilled holes will seal moisture inside.

Method #2: Without drilling

If you are looking for an alternative way on how to clean fogged double pane windows without drilling, there are a couple of things you can try.

If dirt is not a problem, these three methods will be very effective when it comes to the cleaning of double hung windows from inside.

  • The first option is to place a dehumidifier close to the window that needs cleaning. It doesn’t need to be a huge dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will clear the fog in your double paned windows.
  • Laying moisture absorbent along the bottom edge of your window will also help. You can use desiccate packets or a water snake.
  • Place a heater near the affected window or point your hair dryer towards it. This will cause the moisture between the panes to evaporate.

Learning how to clean between double pane windows will only give temporary results until you fix the broken seal or replace the window. Additionally, if the window is old or the seal is severely damaged, it is best to just replace it.