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Can You Use Sonos Speakers Without Wi-Fi?

Can You Use Sonos Speakers Without Wi-Fi?

Sono speakers require Wi-Fi to play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and other content from various streaming platforms. With these speakers, you can play audio on one device and enjoy high-quality music in several rooms. Since almost all speakers need Wi-Fi, you require a power outlet, Wi-Fi connection, and Sono app on your phone to set up the system. In a situation where is no Wi-Fi connection, here are a few tricks you can apply.

There are a couple of tricks to apply and use Sono without Wi-Fi;

Use Your Phone as A Hotspot for Tethering

This technique is the best option you may have to use your Sono speakers. But there are two issues you may encounter while using this method.

  • You have to configure your speakers from wireless to the phone’s hotspot on WIFI.
  • You may not control the speaker using the phone when it’s in tethering mode. You require a second device to use as a controller while connected to the hotspot.

Connecting Your Speakers to Hotspot

  • Set your phone to tethering/ hotspot mode.
  • Use the Sonos mobile app to connect the speakers automatically.
  • If it fails, use the Add Product Menu.
  • When the Sonos is found, you should tap Connect. Later you will see a prompt Connected to Sonos system.
  • Select Done, and your speakers can now operate using the mobile hotspot.

Use Ethernet Ports

The ports allow you to connect your device directly to the internet router. This feature comes in handy when Wi-Fi is unreliable or fails to reach all the zone you want to use the speakers. You should connect the speaker to the router using an Ethernet cable and create a Sono wireless network. Remember to choose BOOST setup instead of Standard in the Sono mobile app.

Connect via Bluetooth

You can use Bluetooth to operate your Sono speakers if you have the Sonos Roam and Sonos Move types. The two brands are the only ones with an in-built Bluetooth feature. Before using the speaker, you should first configure it with the Sono app on Wi-Fi then connect it to the Bluetooth device.

Pairing Your Device with Sonos Roam or Sonos Move

  • Press and hold the power dial on the speaker for two seconds. The LED will flash in blue, and you will hear a pairing tone.
  •  On your device’s Bluetooth settings, search for Roam and click on it.
  • On successful pairing, you will hear another tone, and the LED status will be solid blue.


The above ways explain how you can use Sono speakers without Wi-Fi. The three methods can be helpful when your Wi-Fi connectivity is low and require an initial setup when on Wi-Fi. Bluetooth only applies to the speakers with Bluetooth feature, that is, Move and Roam.