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Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser How to & Troubleshooting Guide

The air in your house affects both your physical and mental health. Therefore, it is crucial to find ways to improve the air quality in your home so that you and your family members are healthier. One of the best ways to do that is by purchasing a diffuser.

A diffuser heats and disperses oils into the air or nebulizes them using compressed air. That ensures that the oils are dispersed all over the room instead of in one spot. There are several diffuser brands in the market today, but Asakuki is one of the best. 

Asakuki originated in Japan and develops high-quality diffusers to suit various client needs. The company provides pure and cruelty-free essential oils for use in their diffusers. In addition, the oils do not contain additives or fillers, which makes them perfect for improving wellness in your home.

The high-quality oils from Asakuki also ensure that the diffusers last long and are not easily damaged. 

If you are looking for ways to improve air quality in your home, Asakuki diffusers are versatile, affordable, and convenient. The oils they use can help enhance your respiratory health, relieve pain and improve sleep. In addition, they can help improve your mood and reduce stress.

If you have an Asakuki diffuser or are planning to buy one, here is a comprehensive guide on using and troubleshooting your Asasuki diffuser. 

Setting up your Asakuki diffuser

After purchasing your Asakuki diffuser, make sure you also buy Asakuki essential oils. They are additive-free and will not damage your diffuser when you use them. The two top Asakuki diffuser models are Dew Plus and Spring Asakuki diffusers. Follow these steps to set up your Asakuki diffuser. 

Asakuki Dew Plus

The Asakuki Dew Plus is cylindrical (110mm wide by 149mm high) and weighs 315 grams. Follow these steps to set it up. 

  • First, open the lid to expose the tank. 
  • Connect the power adapter to the bottom of the diffuser and then place it on a flat surface. 
  • Next, fill it with water to the line marked “maximum” and add a few drops of essential oil.
  • Replace the lip and ensure it is firmly attached.  
  • Next, plug in your diffuser and switch on the power. 
  • You can set the misting time using the MIST button at the bottom of the diffuser. For example, to set it to one hour, press the MIST button for two seconds, and you will hear a single beep. To set it to diffuse continuously for 8 hours, long-press the MIST button so that the green light stays on. 
  • Next, adjust the light to dim or bright according to your preferences using the LIGHT button. To choose a color, press the LIGHT button when the light cycles to your preferred color. 
  • Finally, to turn off your diffuser, long-press the MIST button until you hear a beep; the light and mist will stop.

Asakuki Spring

The Asakuki Spring diffuser is 168.5mm by 164.5mm and weighs 420grams. Follow these steps to set it up. 

  • Open the top to expose the water tank. 
  • Next, connect the power adapter cable to the base of the diffuser and place it on a flat surface. 
  • Put water up to the “maximum” line and add three drops of Asakuki essential oils.
  • Replace the cover, plug in your diffuser, and switch on the power. 
  • Press the MIST button, and you will hear a beep, and the misting will be set for one hour. To set it for longer, long-press the MIST button until the green light cycles on 1H/3H/6H. After that, the diffuser will be on continuously. 
  • Next, to set mist strength, long-press the MIST button; one beep means strong while two beeps mean weak.
  • To turn off the mist, press the MIST button till the green light turns off.
  • Press the LIGHT button to activate the light function. The light cycles from dim to bright every three seconds; press the light button to choose one.
  • To set the light color, press the LIGHT button when the light cycles to your preferred color. 
  • Finally, press the LIGHT button for two seconds to turn off the light. 

Why is my Asakuki diffuser not misting?

The mist disperses the oils into the air in your home. If there is no mist, then your diffuser isn’t working correctly. Follow these steps to troubleshoot a diffuser that is not misting. 

  • Check that the power cable is correctly connected to the diffuser. You can disconnect and then reconnect it. 
  • Next, ensure that power is on and, if not, switch it on. 
  • If that does not work, check the unit for mineral and oil build-up and clean it. If there are mineral deposits in the diffuser, it will not mist. 
  • If you have not cleaned the diffuser for more than two weeks, that could cause a clog and affect misting. Clean the unit, refill and switch it on. 

Where is the reset button on an Asakuki diffuser

The Asakuki diffuser does not have a rest button. If you need to reset it, unplug it and then plug it in again, and it will reset. 

How to reset my Asakuki diffuser

The Asakuki diffuser does not have a reset button, but you can reset it by unplugging and then replugging it. That should help you restart the unit and input new settings. 

How to connect an Asakuki diffuser to WiFi

Connecting the Asakuki diffuser to WiFi will ensure that you can turn it on and off using your phone or control it using the Alexa voice command. You can connect it to WiFi by following these easy steps. 

  • Start by placing the diffuser close to your WiFi router. Make sure that you fill it with water and add essential oils first. 
  • Next, connect the unit to power and turn on your TuyaSmart App. The TuyaSmart app is available on the Google play store and the Apple app store if you do not have it. 
  • Register on the app and create a family and choose rooms. 
  • Next, ensure that the green light blinks twice per second; if not, long-press the WiFi button to correct the light’s frequency. 
  • Add the Asakuki diffuser to your devices using the app. Input the WiFi password, and you can remotely control the diffuser mist and light.  

Why is my Asakuki diffuser app not connecting?

If the Asakuki diffuser app does not connect, ensure your WiFi connection is active. Next, ensure that the WiFi is at a 2.4 GHz frequency. If it is not, change it, and the diffuser app will connect. You can change your WiFi frequency later after you finish the pairing. 

How to unclog your Asakuki diffuser?

A dirty, clogged diffuser will impact the air quality in your home. The dirt and debris inside the diffuser will get into the air and make you and your family sick. In addition, essential oils can mix with other impurities in your water and clog your diffuser, so you should clean it regularly. If your Asakuki diffuser is clogged, follow these steps to unclog it. 

  • Begin by unplugging your Asakuki essential oil diffuser, then pour out the water and oil solution. Ensure that you do not get the controls on your diffuser wet, as that will affect their functioning. 
  • Next, fill the diffuser with clean water and three drops of vinegar. 
  • Plug it in and allow it to run for about 10 minutes, ensuring that the vinegar and water solution will clean off the oil and dirt clog. 
  • Next, switch it off and pour out the solution.
  • Use wet cotton swabs to clean out any dirt still in the diffuser. 
  • Rinse it with water, wipe with a soft cloth and let it air dry for several hours. 
  • It is advisable to pour out the water, rinse the diffuser every three days, and deep-clean it once a month. 

How to clean and maintain your Asakuki essential oil diffuser. 

Good maintenance improves the functionality and longevity of your essential oil diffuser. Asakuki diffusers are easy to clean and low maintenance, making them an excellent choice for any household. Follow the steps below to clean your diffuser.

  • Unplug your diffuser and pour out the mixture of water and essential oil. 
  • Using cotton swabs soaked in rubbing alcohol, carefully wipe off all oil residue and any dirt in the tank. Make sure to wipe both the tank and the lid. 
  • Next, pour clean water into the tank and add three drops of white vinegar. 
  • Plug in the diffuser and allow it to run for about 10 minutes.
  • After that, unplug and empty the diffuser, then rinse it carefully. 
  • Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth, ensuring you do not get the controls wet. 
  • Dry excess moisture and allow your Asakuki diffuser to air dry for several hours.  

To keep your diffuser working correctly for a long time, follow these easy maintenance tips. 

  1. Ensure you do not get the controls wet when refilling, cleaning, or emptying the diffuser. 
  2. Always unplug the diffuser before refilling or cleaning it. 
  3. Ensure that you empty and rinse out the diffuser every three days. 
  4. Empty and clean the diffuser before storage. 
  5. Ensure that the areas around the diffuser are clean and dry. If the carpet or curtains become damp, only use the diffuser intermittently. 

How much water does the Asakuki diffuser need?

Your Asakuki diffuser can hold 300 ml of water or more. You need at least 100mls for the diffuser to work correctly. Ensure that you only fill the tank to the line marked “maximum” in the tank. In addition, do not put less than 100mls of water in your diffuser. 

How to connect an Asakuki diffuser to Alexa?

You can also connect your Asakuki diffuser to Alexa and control it using the Alexa voice command. To do that, follow these steps.

  • Download the Alexa App and sign into your Amazon account. Then, ensure that your Echo is working properly. 
  • Next, go to the Alexa App menu, tap Skills, and search TuyaSmart App. 
  • Next, tap on Enable and then Authorize
  • Go to the TuyaSmart App and add your diffuser. You will receive a message that the device has been added after Alexa authorized the TuyaSmart App. 
  • The app will search and connect to your diffuser, and Alexa will say, “I have found a diffuser.”

Below are sample Alexa voice commands you can use to operate your diffuser. 

  1. Alexa, turn on diffuser.
  2. Alexa, turn off diffuser.
  3. Alexa, turn diffuser red/blue/yellow/orange.
  4. Alexa, turn diffuser on.
  5. Alexa turn diffuser to red/blue/yellow/orange.

Why is my Asakuki essential oil diffuser not working?

There are several reasons why your diffuser may not be working. To solve the problem, you must identify its cause and make the necessary changes. Follow these steps to troubleshoot your Asakuki essential oil diffuser. 

  • First, ensure that you plugged in the unit correctly. Next, check whether the outlet is working correctly by plugging in another appliance in your home. 
  • Next, inspect your diffuser for dirt and clogs if the issue is not power. If you have not cleaned it for a long time, a diffuser can get clogged by the oils and stop working. Clean it, refill and test it again.
  • Next, move your diffuser if you have placed it on a soft surface like a towel. Sometimes that can block airflow into the diffuser and make it stop working. Place the diffuser on a flat and hard surface to ensure that does not happen. 

Asakuki diffuser won’t connect to WiFi.

To use Alexa and the TuyaSmart App, you need to connect your Asakuki diffuser to WiFi. If it will not connect to your WiFi, follow these steps to troubleshoot. 

  • Unplug it and then plug it in again and try connecting to WiFi. 
  • If that does not work, check your WiFi frequency; Asakuki will only connect to a WiFi frequency of 2.4 GHz. Change your WiFi frequency, and the diffuser will connect to WiFi.
  • Finally, ensure that the green indicator light blinks rapidly and not once every second. If it does not, long press the WiFi button and try again. 

Asakuki essential oil diffuser blinking light meanings

  • If the green light keeps blinking, it signifies that your Asakuki is not connected to the WiFi. Bring the diffuser close to the router and try to connect it again. 
  • When all the lights are blinking, check that the unit is clean and there are no clogs. You can unplug it and clean it if it is dirty. If it is clean, unplug it and wait for a few minutes, then plug it in again. 
  • If the red lights flash once and the diffuser turns off, it is a sign that there is very little water in the diffuser, and you need to add it. In addition, you can check for a leak in the diffuser; a leak can affect the electrical aspects of your Asakuki essential oil diffuser. 

All Asakuki oil diffusers’ beep codes and their meaning

  • If the diffuser keeps beeping, check the tank’s water level. 
  • If it beeps and then shuts off, ensure you unplug it and clean it. Beeping and shutting off are signs that you may have a clog or dirt accumulation in your diffuser. You should also check the vents at the bottom to ensure that they are clear and air can freely circulate in the unit. 
  • During setup, one beep means strong mist, and 2 beeps weak mist. Check the water level in the tank and ensure that the diffuser is clean if the beeping is continuous. 
  • When the diffuser beeps but will not work, check the water level in the tank and increase it if necessary. Next, check for leaks, for instance, where the diffuser is not on a flat surface. 

A diffuser can have a positive impact on air quality in your home. It can help enhance respiratory health and reduce stress levels. Taking good care of the diffuser through cleaning and maintenance ensures it works correctly and enhances longevity.