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Altice Remote How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Altice Remote How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Altice remote is a classic device with a better entertainment experience like never before. You can point the remote anywhere and still control your box. The tool features sleek backlight keys to navigate favorite shows and movies in the dark easily. Again, the Bluetooth-enabled device helps you navigate and connect to multiple channels. 

The Bluetooth technology improves the remote experience as it can work even if the box is out of sight. The smart remote still features voice commands that assist you in navigating the remote with Google assistant.

However, just like any Bluetooth device, the remote sometimes get issues. Below are some easy hacks to diagnose and fix your remote control. 

How do I reset my Altice remote?

To restart the remote;

  • Remove its batteries and let it settle for a few seconds.
  • Later insert the batteries and try using the remote.

Why is my Altice One remote blinking and not working?

When your remote-control blinks, it means it has lost pairing with the Altice box. Other reasons can lead to the issue, and they include;

  • Software malware that keeps unpairing the remote
  • Low battery 
  • Incorrect pairing mode

How to fix the issue;

Press the 7 and 9 buttons 

It’s the easiest fixing tip of your remote control. First, you should press the 7 and 9 dials simultaneously for a few seconds, and the device switches from the pairing mode to the normal control mode. 

Check the batteries

Check the batteries if you try the first tip and fail to stop the blinking. A remote with a low battery disconnect from the box and enters pairing mode. As a result, the device keeps blinking at intervals. To fix the issue, replace the battery with new pair. Later pair your tool for it to start working again. 

Check the Bluetooth

This smart remote uses Bluetooth to transmit signals. If the Bluetooth gets an issue, the remote will stop working and blink. Pull out the batteries from the remote and wait for 30 seconds to solve the problem. Later insert the batteries and try pairing the remote.

Try power cycle on your Altice box

The Altice box could be hanging, and you can fix it through a power cycle. Kindly turn off the Altice box and then turn it on again. The process helps to reinitialize the configuration settings on the box. 

Factory reset the TV box

This solution should be the last option to solve the blinking issue. Remember, the process clears all the data saved in the box, and thus you have to program your box again. To reset the TV box, check out this process;

  • Find the reset button box’s back.
  • Press and keep holding the dial for 15 seconds.
  • Wait until the Altice box flashes once and turns on. Later start the pairing process for the Altice box.

How do I reconnect my Altice remote?

If your Bluetooth remote fails to work, use the solutions below. 

Solution 1: Change the batteries

Solution 2: Re-pair the Bluetooth remote

Dial the switch on the recorder’s left side 

using a pen, and the TV gets into the pairing mode

. Later follow the procedure on the screen to pair the remote.

common altice remote problems and their fixes

How to pair an Altice remote

The following is the pairing process for the Altice remote;

  • Dial the home button on the remote
  • Find settings on your TV screen. Then, choose preference and pair remote to Altice one to start the process. 
  • Dial and hold the 7 and 9 buttons simultaneously for some seconds.
  • If the process is successful, you will get a complete pairing notification on the screen. 

Comprehensive list of Altice Remote TV codes

If you just bought your remote, you need to program it. To program the remote, you require 4-digit codes that differ depending on the device. Below are examples of common TV brands and their codes;

  1. Dell: 3301, 2701, 0001
  2. Digistar: 0001, 3801, 3301,2601, 2291, 1131, 0861, 0241
  3. Apex Digital: 0331, 1321,2881, 2771, 2721, 2341, 2331, 2281, 2161, 2011, 1841, 1491, 0861, 0391
  4. Asus: 0231
  5. Atvio: 1391, 1161
  6. Audiovox: 3871, 0461, 0241
  7. Funai: 0091, 3261, 3151,2651, 2311, 2221, 1481, 0461, 0081
  8. Furrion: 1941, 0571
  9. Fusion: 1161
  10. GE: 0821, 3861, 3341, 3271,3241, 2851, 2801, 2611, 2521, 2271, 2171, 2091, 2021, 2001, 0331, 0051
  11. GoldStar: 3231, 3021, 2851,2651, 2511, 2411, 2221, 1431, 0241, 0051
  12. Hisense: 0051, 0981, 0771,0311, 0281, 3371, 1761, 1661, 1651, 1561, 0861, 0151, 0001
  13. Hitachi: 0161, 3661, 0001
  14. Lenovo: 1171
  15. LG: 0051, 4111, 3301, 2851,2411, 1431, 0821
  16. Loewe: 1301, 0001
  17. Panasonic: 0131, 2671, 1831,2751, 2071, 2021, 2931, 1811, 0101, 0051
  18. Panda: 0731
  19. Philips: 0181, 1311, 0001,3811, 2421, 3631, 3611, 3211, 3091, 2471, 2351, 2311, 1871, 1431, 1201, 0091
  20. Pioneer: 1291, 0111, 2301,3031
  21. Polaroid: 0541, 2871, 0001,4071, 1341, 1161, 1091, 1041, 0621, 0331
  22. Proscan: 0571, 0051, 3861,3411, 3311, 2171, 2091, 1931, 1631, 1531, 1441, 1161, 0821, 0561, 0151
  23. Proview: 0541, 3461, 0051
  24. Prima: 0621, 0241, 2601,2431, 2291, 0001
  25. Samsung: 0151, 3071, 1461,2831, 0051
  26. Sansui: 0991, 2661, 1961,0541, 0091
  27. Sanyo: 4161, 1281, 0221,0621, 0051, 3231, 2741, 2531
  28. Skyworth: 1151, 0421, 0211,0201, 1671, 0001
  29. Sony: 0141
  30. Toshiba: 0331, 2831, 0131,0101, 3641, 2151, 1961, 1781
  31. TCL: 1111, 0821, 0001, 3411,3311, 2801, 4141, 1931, 1661, 1561

How to pair Altice remote to cable box

  • Hold your remote while pointing the receiver.
  • Press and hold the home dial and select settings.
  • Choose the preference and later pair the remote to Altice one.
  • Push and hold the 7 and 9 buttons for ten seconds and release them 
  • Select pair remote control. 

After the process, your remote should pair with the cable box and work correctly. 

Why is Altice remote not working with the cable box?

The Altice remote may fail to work due to the following reasons;

  • Batteries are running low
  • You are unable to pair it fully
  • The receiver has problems 

You can fix the problems and have the remote work through the following;

  • First, it’s best to reset the remote. Remove the remote batteries for some seconds and then insert them again. Later check to see if the remote works. 
  • Replace the remote batteries. The remote uses Bluetooth, and it won’t stay for long without charge. Thus, it’s best to use new batteries to hold charge for long. 
  • Try to re-pair the remote, like in the process explained above. 
  • Check your receiver signal. If a signal receiver is faulty, your remote will fail even with new batteries and connected to Bluetooth. To fix this issue, you must first eliminate the above causes to be sure it’s the signal. Then, after ruling the above reasons, try to power cycle the box. 
  • Disconnect the box from the outlet and let it stay unplugged for a few minutes.
  • Reconnect the box to power and let restart. 
  • Re-pair the remote to the box and check if it works. 
  • Reset your box manually. If, after trying all the tricks, the remote won’t work, then reset it. Resetting helps erase all the data in the box, including the issues hindering the remote from working. 

Altice remote volume not working

Check if you can adjust the volume using the TV buttons and later attempt using the remote. If the TV buttons work and the remote fails, reset the remote factory settings.   

Altice one remote voice command not working

First, you should confirm if the remote has a microphone symbol or mark. The symbol location may vary depending on the remote model, so always refer to your manual. After locating the microphone then, you can start troubleshooting the remote. The voice may command may fail due to several reasons;

  • No internet connection– check internet connectivity on your device, as it’s necessary for use in voice recognition. Press the help dial and choose internet connectivity. If the connectivity is okay, you should move to the next step.
  • Failure to pair the remote to Google Tv- for the voice command to work, the remote should first pair with the TV. Follow the correct pairing process for your TV.
  • Wrong Mic position. While speaking to the microphone, ensure it’s closer to your mouth or speak in a loud, clear voice. This step helps the remote voice command to execute the correct instructions.
  • Inappropriate voice command circumstances. The voice command doesn’t apply to all situations, so ensure you use it when necessary, for instance, where the search box doesn’t appear.

Other ways of fixing the voice command issue include;

  • Restart the remote 
  • Update the remote-control software 
  • Reset your TV

Altice remote not changing channels

To resolve the problem with your remote, try the following;

  • Check if the light on your remote is flashing continuously. If so, replace the batteries. 
  • Try changing the channels on the converter without using the remote.
  • Check whether you used the correct code when pairing the remote.
  • Ensure you operate the remote within 20 feet of the converter.

Altice remote not lighting up

You can fix the lighting up issue through the following;

  • Changing the batteries- if the batteries are running low, you won’t see the remote lighting up.
  • Reset the remote- for a smart remote Altice, resetting can solve the problem if batteries aren’t the issue. If the procedure fails, it’s time to contact a technician.

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Altice remote Bluetooth not working

If the Bluetooth isn’t working, you should ;

  • Restart your remote to clear any bugs that may be hindering
  • Re- pair the remote and ensure the process is successful 
  • Test if the Bluetooth works 

Home button not working on Altice remote

If the home button fails to work, check if the IR sensor is functional. 

  • Switch on your phone camera
  • Dial any button on the remote while pointing at the smartphone’s camera.
  • Check if you see a beam in the picture. If there is a flash, the remote is working.

After the test, try the steps below;

  • Clear any obstacle that may be blocking the TV s IR receiver.
  • Reduce the distance between the remote and the TV. After these quick fixes, the home button should work; if not, try the solutions below. After each solution, always check if the problem resolves.
  • Reset the remote control
  • Replace the batteries with a new pair
  • Power a power rest on the TV.
  • Perform a factory reset on the remote.