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Why Won’t My SkullCandy Wireless Earbuds Charge?

Why Won’t My SkullCandy Wireless Earbuds Charge?

Skullcandy earbuds are made by Skullcandy Inc, a company specializing in creating high-quality headphones, audio backpacks and hands-free audio devices. Earbuds are an essential part of modern living.

Wireless earbuds allow you to walk and talk, are stylish and are cord-free. To enjoy these benefits, it is crucial that you buy high-quality earbuds, and Skullcandy is an excellent choice. 

Skullcandy earbuds require regular charging to work correctly. If skullcandy earbuds are not charging, that can be frustrating as you cannot use them. Therefore, it is essential to know why that is happening and how to solve this problem so that you can continue using your Skullcandy earbuds. 

How do I know if my Skullcandy earbuds are charging?

When your earbuds are charging, the LEDs on them will turn red and go off after they are 100% charged. If the LEDs glow when you place the earbuds in the charging case, your Skullcandy earbuds are not charging. Here are the reasons why your earphones are not charging.

Connection time

It is crucial to allow a few seconds for your device to begin charging. For example, when charging your earbuds, please wait 30 seconds to ensure they connect and start charging. 

Power problems

The outlet you are using could be faulty, therefore not providing any power to charge your earbuds. You can check by using a different outlet or plugging in a new device to see whether the outlet works. It is crucial to ensure that you use an outlet, charger or cable with an output of 5 volts or 3.6amps. A higher voltage could damage your charger and earbuds. 

Debris and dirt in the charger

Your charging case has two charging pins that connect to your Skullcandy earbuds. If there is lint or other debris on them, your earbuds will not charge. Check the pins for lint and carefully clean them; your earbuds should charge normally. 

Incorrect in-ear gels position

If you incorrectly position your in-ear gels on the acoustic port, your earbuds will not charge. Try closing the case to ensure that your in-ear gels are in the appropriate position. If the case does not close, you must remove and reposition them correctly.    

How do I fix my Skullcandy case not charging?

When charging, the LED light on the right side of the micro-USB port on your Skullcandy case turns red. It will glow green when the unit is fully charged. If the LED light does not turn on when you plug in the device, it is not charging. To fix that problem, identify the cause and then fix it. 

Faulty outlet

Start by checking your power outlet. If it is not working correctly, your Skullcandy case will not charge. To test the outlet, plug in another device and check whether it works. If it does, then you have a different problem. If the outlet does not work with different devices, check it for lint and other debris that can interfere with its operation.

You can remove lint using a sharp stick or pin. Remember to turn off the power before cleaning the lint from an outlet. If the outlet has a different problem, consider contacting an electrician to make the necessary repairs. 

Damaged charger or cable

If your outlet is working, then the problem could be your charger. Try using a friend’s charger to charge your earbud case. If it works, then you need to replace your charger. You can also test your charger by using it to charge a different pair of earbuds.

Damaged charging case

The problem may be your charging case if the outlet and charger are working properly. You can try turning off power and unplugging it, then replugging to fix the problem. If the case still does not charge, then it may be damaged. Skullcandy earbuds come with a warranty, and you can get repairs and replacements if you are within your warranty period. If not, you may need to replace your charging case.

How do I charge my Skullcandy wireless earbuds case? 

It takes one hour to charge your Skullcandy earbuds fully. There are several models, and some of their cases take longer to charge to 100%. The red LED light next to the micro-USB port will turn green when your case is 100% charged. 

  • To charge your Skullcandy earbuds case, connect your micro-USB cable to the charging case using the port on the case.
  • Next, connect the cable to the wall charger, laptop, 12-volt car adapter or power bank. 
  • After a few seconds, the LED light on the side of the micro-USB port will glow red. 
  • The light will turn green when the device’s battery is 100% charged. 

You need to check the battery life in your charging case when you are charging it. The Skullcandy earbuds case uses LED lights to show the charge level in the battery. When charging, the LED light will flash to show the charge level.

  • One flash indicates less than 25% battery life. 
  • Two flashes show the battery is between 25% and 75% full.
  • Three flashes indicate that you have a battery life of more than 75%.

Skullcandy Push is not charging in case

It takes 4 hours to charge your Skullcandy Push fully. When charging, the case LED light will glow red and turn green when the charging case battery is full. On the other hand, the earbuds will have red LED lights glowing and turn off when the earbuds are 100% charged. If your skullcandy push is not charging in case, follow these easy troubleshooting steps.

  • Make sure that you allow enough connection time after plugging in the device. The LED lights on the earbuds should glow red to signify that the device is charging.
  • If the LEDs do not light up, check your outlet for problems. Ensure that power is on and that you have plugged in the charger correctly. If you are using your laptop, ensure that you charge it first. 
  • Next, check the outlet for dirt and debris and if you find any, carefully remove it, then connect it to your charger again.
  • If the unit does not begin charging, test the outlet by plugging in a different device. The new device should work if the outlet is in good condition. If it is damaged, use a different outlet, make necessary repairs or contact an electrician for help.
  • Next, check the USB cable by connecting it to a different charger or laptop. Again, it should work if it is in good condition. 
  • Finally, ensure that you have correctly positioned the in-ear gels by trying to close the case. If the case does not close, reposition the in-ear gels and ascertain that the lid closes properly. 
  • Check whether the earbuds and case are charging.
  • If the earbuds are still not charging, you may need to reset them. Follow these steps to reset the earbuds.
  1. Long press the Power buttons on both earbuds simultaneously to turn the earbuds off. 
  2. Next, press and hold the Power button again, resetting the earbuds. 
  3. That should solve the problem and ensure that your earbuds charge normally. 
  4. If that does not work, you may need to replace them. Skullcandy offers a warranty on their products, so it is best to contact them before trying to make repairs yourself. They can replace the device or make repairs.

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Earbuds serve an important purpose in the lives of many people today. They ensure that users can listen to music, make phone calls and watch movies on their mobile devices. Skullcandy makes excellent earbuds that are easy to use, stylish and have excellent sound quality. Use the above tips to fix the skullcandy case not charging.