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My Roku is Overheating: How to Cool it Down and Keep it Cool

My Roku is Overheating: How to Cool it Down and Keep it Cool

The Roku streaming device is one of the most popular and reliable streaming gadgets on the market. However, it is prone to breakdowns from time to time. Overheating is the most common issue you are bound to face when using your Roku stick. So how do you prevent Roku from overheating?

Why is my Roku overheating?

You may face Roku overheating warnings occasionally. However, this should not cause panic, as Roku overheating messages are a common occurrence. It is considered normal for your device to get warm during use, but it gets warmer than it should in some cases.

Some common reasons for your Roku overheating are a closed environment or your power outlet being burnt or damaged.

Below are some of the most significant reasons for your Roku stick overheating;

  • The device is being operated from inside a closed box
  • It is very near to your television
  • Some heating instrument near it Electric point very near to the device

What happens when your Roku overheats?

If your Roku is overheating, then this may cause audio drop out or possibly sync issues before the Roku shuts down. Additionally, overheating can damage both the device and your television.

When your Roku overheats;

Carefully unplug the power cable from your Roku player and allow it to cool down. Then, take it to an open space and let it cool down for at least 10-15 minutes.

Be careful when handling the device because it will be hot at this point. You don’t want to get burned or drop your Roku player in the process. So, you can either unplug the device and leave it at the exact location; or unplug and take it out using a cloth to carry the device.

Wait at least 10 minutes for your Roku player to cool down. Once the device has cooled down, plug in the power cord wait for the Roku player to power up. Then restart your Roku player. It should work just fine. But if it doesn’t, repeat the steps above and allow it some more time to cool off.

How to prevent your Roku from overheating

When the Stick gets overheated, and you get an “overheating” message on your TV screen, you should seriously act to put its temperature down. The process of fixing overheating messages is simple, and you can do it yourself.

Overheating can even create a device blast if you do not identify the issue early. So, please follow the instructions to avoid the issue.

Remove the Roku Device from the Enclosed Space

In many cases, the Roku devices get overheated because of their location. So your Roku player overheating problem could be happening because of the location you placed it.

It’s not uncommon to find people who place their streaming devices inside a cabinet or enclosed area; don’t do that. If the unit is enclosed with no air vents, it will not cool down.

Do not place the Stick inside a cabinet or closed compartment. Closed places do not get airflow, so the device may become hot even with normal use. Also, always remember not to place the device on other devices such as routers, receivers, etc.

This is because the mentioned device becomes hot early, and if you put your Roku stick on them, it is bound to get hot earlier than expected. So, what you can do is; find a cool and dry open space for your Roku player.

Please keep it away from any cabinets or enclosed spaces while watching TV or streaming videos. Placing your Roku device in an airy space could fix your overheating issue. But, if it does, ensure you don’t return the device to where it had the overheating problem.

Note: When using a television stand, ensure it offers enough ventilation to keep your Roku device cool.

Remove the Roku Player from Other Electronic Devices

Some people keep all their electronic devices nearby, with little ventilation. If you’re guilty of doing this, you might want to make a change.

Since all electronic devices give off heat, they will affect each other due to the limited space. This affects the performance of weaker electronic devices and can even lead to permanent damage.

If you want to use multiple electronic devices together, you can buy a small stand that will allow for cooling and ventilation while still being close enough to run HDMI cables.

However, we suggest you keep your Roku device away from the other bunch, as far away as possible. You don’t want those different devices to supply heat to your Roku – that’s a quick way to damage your device if it persists over time.

Use the Roku Power Cord

If you own a Roku streaming stick, you might be used to just plugging it directly into an available power socket. However, that can sometimes lead to overheating problems.

If you’re having issues with your Roku device overheating, you might want to try using the cord that came with your Roku device. Most Roku devices come with a dedicated power cord and AC adapter that lets you plug into a socket and not directly into the electrical current.

This converts your Roku player’s power supply from an alternating current (AC) to a direct one (DC). This will reduce the heat that your device produces and fix overheating issues.

Use an HDMI Extender for Roku Streaming Stick

If you’re having issues with your Roku device overheating, using an HDMI extender might be the solution. This allows you to keep your Roku player away from the power source but run an HDMI cable.

Most of these extenders use a USB cord and rely on your TV’s USB port to supply the device. This won’t cause any issues with Roku overheating as long as you don’t place the device in a cabinet or enclosed area.

If you place the Roku streaming stick behind your TV and use an HDMI extender, it will keep your Roku player away from the heat of the power source.

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Remove Device from Direct Sunlight

Your Roku streaming device might be overheating because of exposure to sunlight. This is because the sun’s rays bounce off several surfaces and enter electronic devices through their vents.

If you’ve placed your Roku device near a window and it’s overheating, make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight. Instead, find a cool and dry open space for your Roku player to reduce overheating.

Restart Your Roku Device

The most basic solution to any problem is to use the restart option. It’s a straightforward yet highly effective solution. If none of the above fixes work, you should restart your device. To restart your device:

  • From your Home Menu, enter System
  • Tap on System Restart
  • Select Restart

If rebooting the device does not resolve the overheating issue, you may consider a soft or hard reset. This resets the device’s settings and, in most cases, fixes the problem.

Change the Location

Find a place where no other heating element is there near to it. Do not place near any other device or power supply.

Keep distance. Also, remember you should not place the device inside any closed compartment.

Cool off Time

Try to give your Stick a cooling time while you watch TV. Please do not use it continuously for a long duration, as a full day. So, try to give your device a resting time in between if you plan to use it for a long period.

Regular Cleaning

Make a habit of cleaning your Roku Steaming stick every week. This will prevent dust from settling on the Stick.

How do you Confirm Roku Device Overheating

Sometimes, it may become quite confusing between normal heating and overheating. While you use any device, it is bound to heat up a bit. Regular heating is not a problem and should be ignored.

Roku ultra overheating is when the heat level rises higher than normal. So, how will you identify if the device is overheating or not? To confirm this, there are three methods;

1. Roku’s Red Light

When the instrument gets overheated, the inbuilt mechanism will show RED light on some Roku devices.

The continuous RED light is an indication that your instrument has become too hot.

2. On-Screen Message

When your TV stick has become too hot, a warning message will be displayed on your television.

The warning message will read as “Your device is overheating.” When you see this message, you should take the necessary action to avoid the issue.

3. Manual Touch

You can touch the Stick manually to check if it is overheated. By touching the device, you can decide if it is regular heating or overheating.

What is Roku Tempcheck?

Roku Tempcheck is a message shown on your TV screen when the device temperature rises too much. The Roku tempcheck is an important parameter that you should always consider while using it.

If you ignore the temp check message, chances are that your device may not last long. So not only should you check the Stick’s temperature but also ensure that the normal temperature is maintained at all times.

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So, when you get the Roku Tempcheck message on your screen, please do not ignore it and continue watching. But take immediate action to reduce the temperature.