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How to remove the agitator from a GE washer

How to remove the agitator from a GE washer

The agitator in washing machines is the part that looks like a large screw in the middle of the washing compartment. It helps stir the clothes being washed. If your GE washer agitator fails to work properly, part of the repair and maintenance works may include its removal.

To avoid causing any damages and incurring costly repairs, it helps to know how to remove the agitator from GE washer correctly.

If you have a piece of cloth stuck underneath the agitator, first try to untwist it before opting for your washing machine agitator removal. Otherwise, below are steps to follow when removing a bolted, non-bolted and a “stuck” agitator.

Removing a Bolted Agitator

  • Unplug your washer from its power supply
  • Remove the agitator cap by hand or by prying with a screwdriver
  • Unscrew the bolt holding the agitator down
  • Remove the agitator by lifting it up

To re-install the agitator, simply reverse the above steps. Put it back in the wash compartment, replace the screw, re-tighten it, and replace the agitator cap.

Removing a Non-bolted Agitator

  • Unplug your washing machine
  • Open the wash compartment
  • Pull directly upward on the agitator

Once the agitator comes off its mounting in the General Electric washer, there is driveshaft underneath that will be exposed. Use the opportunity to lubricate this shaft to help keep the agitator motion smooth.

How to Remove a “Stuck” Agitator

A “stuck” agitator is often a result of many years of use, soap, water, and other washing chemicals that have hardened around the agitator’s base. To remove it:

  • First, ensure the agitator is not bolted down.
  • Fill the washing compartment with hot water to cover the bottom half of the agitator. This should loosen the hardened substances.
  • Take a strong rope and loop it around the agitator
  • Take a 5-feet 2*4 plank, loop the ends of the rope over it and tie them in place around the wood so that they will not slip.
  • Now use the plank as a lever to pull off the agitator.

Because of the pressure, you will be applying, you should put something like a folded towel under the plank. This will help protect the finish on your washing machine.

Sometimes it can prove difficult to remove the washing machine agitator, even after trying the methods mentioned above. Instead of forcing it, it is advisable you call in a mechanic to help. Repair price is usually small as compared to replacing a broken machine.

Ge washer agitator repair and maintenance are key for a smooth-working washing machine. Removing the agitator is part of the work, but unfortunately, it can be a challenge if you don’t know how to do it.

It can even lead to machine damage and costly repairs that could have been avoided. With the above guide, hopefully, you should be able to fix your machine next time your GE washer agitator is loose or it’s stuck from the build-up of soap and washing chemicals from long use.