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How to Make Waffles Without a Waffle Maker

How to Make Waffles Without a Waffle Maker

You can make delicious waffles even if you don’t own a waffle iron. Even though they won’t be perfect, they will still resemble and taste like waffles as long as you have the right type of pan. For this, you will need a gridded pan or a waffle cake pan.

Making waffles using a cake pan

What you need

  • 2 cups of all-purpose flour
  • Two tablespoons sugar
  • Four teaspoons baking powder
  • 5 cups of milk
  • 5 teaspoon of salt
  • Six tablespoons of butter, melted
  • One teaspoon of vanilla- for flavor
  • Wire rack for cooling
  • Waffle cake pan
  • Two eggs


  1. Pre-heat your oven at 350 degrees F, and grease your pan with butter or vegetable oil to prevent your waffles from sticking to the pan.
  2. Add all your dry ingredients in one bowl, salt, sugar, flour, baking powder.
  3. In a separate container, add all your wet ingredients, milk, eggs, melted butter, and vanilla extract.
  4. Combine all the ingredients and stir them well, but don’t overdo it, the lumps in the battle are still okay.
  5. Divide the batter evenly and into the six wells of the pan.
  6. Bake it for about 15-18 minutes until the waffles turn golden brown. Remove them from the often and transfer to the wire rack for cooling.
  7. Serve the waffles and top with berries and maple syrups or what you like.

Making waffles on a griddle pan

What you need

  • 1 batch of waffle battle
  • Butter for greasing the pan
  • Spatula
  • Grill pan
  • Pastry brush
  • Wire rack for cooling


  1. Mix up your favorite battle, using any waffle procedure.
  2. Pit your pan on the burner over medium heat and let it be toasty.
  3. Brush the pan with butter to prevent the waffle from sticking.
  4. Spoon the waffle batter onto the pan and spread it in a circle.
  5. Lower the heat to medium-low, this is the key to this cooking method, and allow your batter to simmer. Lowering the temperature enables your waffle to the ridge without burning on the outside.
  6. Flip down your waffle using a spatula, let the lines face the same way they did before lifting.
  7. Please press down the waffle to get it to stick on the pan ridges. Cook it for a few minutes then transfer to the wire for cooling.
  8. You can top your waffle with homemade jam, whipped cream, butter, and maple syrup.

What is a mini and Belgian waffle?

You prepare a min waffle using a mini maker while a Belgian waffle using a waffle iron with a more in-depth, larger grid pattern. Belgian have deeper pockets than regular American-style waffles, with a lighter texture and more crispy.

Making waffles without a waffle iron can be messy. The best solution will always be getting the right tool for the job. Here are some informative guides to help you choose your first waffle maker: