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How to Keep Feet from Sweating in Work Boots

How to Keep Feet from Sweating in Work Boots

Stinky work boots can make socializing at work more complicated than it should be. It could even end up earning you a nasty nickname. While you may be aware of the issue and trying to tackle it, chances are the current approach is not working. You may need to try a new approach to prevent getting stinky feet in the first place.

Here are some easy but long-lasting steps to help keep your feet from sweating in work boots.

Wear Breathable Work Boots

Look for breathable work boots for sweaty feet. This will prevent sweat from accumulating in the boots and making your feet stink. By evaporative cooling via the spaces in the breathable fabric used to manufacture the work boots. You should also consider wearing shoes made from natural leather instead of synthetic material as they are more breathable.

Buy Natural Fiber Absorbent Socks

Look for the best socks to keep feet dry in work boots made from absorbent materials such as cotton. The moisture-wicking property will absorb all the sweat your feet produce and prevent it from soaking it into your work boots. You can also buy socks made from fabric infused with special ingredients to reduce microbial-based sweating.

Deodorize Your Feet

Buy foot products meant to reduce sweating as well as provide a cooling effect to keep your feet dry in work boots due to overheating. Some feet products also cause your feet to heal if they have any microbial infections that may be causing your feet to produce an excess amount of sweat.

Fix Your Diet

In some cases, the sweating condition may be a result of your diet. Try and find out what foods are causing you to sweat excessively an eliminate them from your diet. Also, look for foods that are good for regulating your body’s sweating organs.

See a Doctor

If natural solutions are not working, get professional help. A doctor may be in a position to help you sort the issue. In some cases, you may need to take medication to help maintain dry feet in work boots.

Lastly, aerate your feet regularly to allow them to breathe. This will also prevent you from getting athletes foot if your feet come into contact with fungi.