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How to clean high gloss white kitchen cabinet

How to clean high gloss white kitchen cabinet

Our kitchen cabinets have transformed from the traditional storage facility to be a design statement in the house. That notwithstanding, the durability of your cabinet is pegged on consistent care, maintenance of high gloss kitchen and cleaning. One particular tricky type of cabinet to clean is the high gloss white kitchen cabinet. Here is how you go about it.

How to clean high gloss kitchen

You will need

  • Electrostatic dust wand or Microfiber dust cloth
  • Chamois cloth (preferably two)
  • Dishwashing detergent e.g. High gloss kitchen door cleaner
  • Warm water

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Steps to follow when cleaning high gloss kitchen cabinets

  1. The first step is dust removal. You can do this by using a microfiber dust cloth to remove the fine particulate dust matter on the surface of your kitchen cabinet.
  2. Use warm water to clean the cabinet. Cold water often leaves ugly stain marks and may not successfully remove stubborn stains especially grease.
  3. Dip your chamois cloth in warm water.
  4. Wring the cloth, and then use the damp cloth to gently wipe the surface. Take caution since applying pressure on the cloth leaves small pools of droplets on the cabinet surface that upon drying leaves ugly stains.
  5. Wipe in a downward motion away from the cabinet corners towards the floor (This ensures water doesn’t accumulate on the corners of the cabinet)
  6. If your chamois cloth is absorbing dirt, dip it in the warm water for a few seconds and wash off the dirt before wringing. This ensures your cloth is clean and isn’t spreading stains on the cabinet surface.

Grease stains rarely come out easily. To successfully remove them, dip your cloth in warm water that has some detergent for a few seconds. Wring the cloth and then gently wipe the glossy surface paying attention to grease marks. The detergent should successfully remove the grease stains.

The second last step is using clean warm water to clean off the soapy surface left by the detergent. Dip your cloth in warm water to wash off the soap and clean the surface with it.

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Take a dry cloth to do a final wiping of the surface.

Your cabinet should be clean and look new.

Cleaning your cabinet should be systematic and blemish-free. High gloss white kitchen cabinet usually reflects light well, when cleaned properly. Make a point of looking at the surface when you are done.